Master Bedroom Renovation Update

So. Last we left off (I think) I was panicking about home renovations and every single thing seems to hinge on some other thing getting done. I don’t think I mentioned it here, but shortly after that we decided we’d focus our efforts (I say that like I’m involved) on the master bedroom — because once it’s done we can move out of our current room, M and her stuff can move in, and the nursery will be free for its own decoration and organization. And Matt can get back to the bathroom and other winterizing duties while I handle the bedrooms, so stuff will get done.

The master bedroom doesn’t actually require that much work in the grand scheme of things. As a refresher, this is what it looked like when we moved in:

Office Collage

Ugly as sin, but functional-ish. We’ve actually never used it, though. We thought it’d be an office, but it became a repository for all of our random boxes and junk when things took longer than we expected to set up before M was born, and that’s how it stayed for the last… three years.

The slight expansion in the bathroom meant that the former door to what will now be the master bedroom got swallowed up. Step one — frame a new wall and door. My dad did that maybe a month ago. Then they drywalled. Then Matt ripped out the old closet (that terrifying black and white abomination above), and turned the part with the yellow-green paint and the shelves into the new closet with framing and drywall and a header. Then he pulled up all of the laminate to see what was worth covering up original hardwood with the cheapest and ugliest laminate known to mankind. This is what we found:


Between Matt, my dad, and myself, we all agreed that even this rough, half-unfinished original floor is better than the laminate. There are places where someone stupidly put down screws to try to stop squeaks, so the plan is to pull those and fill the holes. We are not refinishing the floor now, though — that’ll be a warmer weather endeavour. The goal for now is to just clean it up and tread carefully. That also means we’ll likely be leaving baseboard trim out of the equation until the future, but whatever. Trim is a problem in basically every room of our home so it’s nothing new.

Next — those wood wall shelves, gone. It’s not done yet but it should be a very minor job. The rest of the drywall has to go up, and be mudded and taped and sanded, and there are a few other rough areas on the walls that could use some putty, I think. Then primer, and paint, and possibly a ceiling fix, though I’m not sure if that’s on the books for now, or later — it’s a popcorn ceiling that has shifted badly, and the plan is to beadboard it.

That takes care of most of the structural stuff (like I said, floors, ceilings, and trim are kind of up in the air right now). Matt wants to custom-build the closet fixtures so we’ll see how long that takes — I have a wardrobe rack to pinch hit for now, depending on the timeline. We’ll need a closet door, which is its own can of worms, but again — the goal is to just get moved in. I’d like to switch out the light fixture, find night stands, and put up a shade for the window, along with hanging art. Little by little.

So that’s where we’re at — I think it will be moving quickly once the drywall is up, and then I can finally breathe again!

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  1. Sandie says:

    I love your floors!!! What a great find!

    1. Shayla says:

      Thank you! Sooooo much better than laminate.

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