M, the Three-Year-Old

It’s been a long time without writing! I’m not getting much sleep these days (nights?) and nap time is elusive, too. Gotta love that month-long sleep shift for babies, right? But I have a few minutes, and I wanted to share an update about M, because she’s at a really delightful age and doing all kinds of amazing things.

She completed her first season of skating about two weeks ago, culminating with an ice show. I was honestly unsure if she woulda actually make it out onto the ice, because her love for skating has run hot and cold since she started last fall, but as soon as she learned the moves for the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom themed number she couldn’t wait to perform. The first show was late-night for a three-year-old, starting at 7 p.m., so we left at intermission. The final show was a matinee and she stayed until the end and even made it back on for the finale.

It was really fun for Matt and I to see her out on the ice. It was her first season, like I said, so the number was little more than skating forward, doing a few toe touches, spinning around and skating forward again, but for a kid who couldn’t get up off her knees for the first month of lessons she has improved dramatically, along with making some new friends and growing some confidence in herself. I’m not sure if she’ll be in again next year — we’re leaving it up to her — but it was well worth it for this first experience with an organized sport.

Ballet starts this weekend — and then baseball starts a month after that, if they get enough coaches for the teams. It’s going to be a busy summer! We are pulling M out of daycare starting in May, so she’ll be home with A and I very soon.

She also recently had a set of her paintings featured in a local art show for racism awareness — of course we can’t explain all of the details of racism in great depth, yet, but we talked a lot about the concept of equality while she was painting. She chose to create a series of paintings in rainbow colours, and was rewarded with a photo in the newspaper, a set of paintbrushes, and a little wooden paddle to decorate.

She has realized how much she loves the library after spending nearly every morning there over our spring break, so now she’s well-versed in the art of taking out library books. She was especially enthralled to discover that she could ask the librarian to find books about any subject, and a stack would appear!


She’s the proud owner of a new bike with pedals and training wheels — our balance bike experiment was interesting, but she’s too tall for it and is used to using pedals because of the scooters they have at school. It has coaster brakes and she has yet to figure out how to keep pedalling forward, so we aren’t quite biking yet, but she’ll have ample opportunity to learn this spring and summer.

After I cleaned up her play kitchen, which had become a dumping ground for toys in the chaos that was birthday followed by new baby followed by Christmas, she rediscovered her imagination, there, and regularly cooks all of us ‘meals’ including drinks and dessert.

Every day she seems to get more independent, while still very much being a big part of our tight-knit family. She’s a doting big sister who thrills at making A smile and is actually pretty darn good at getting him to stop crying. He lights up when he sees her and I think he looks forward to her coming home on weekdays, so I think they’ll have fun together during her school break. She’s creative and shows a lot of ingenuity (she used a toy lightsaber to open the cupboard where I stash candy, over the weekend). She’s stubborn and wild, full of big ideas and plans, and goes and goes until she literally cannot stay awake. She’s a ball of energy and we love her dearly.

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