M at 2.5 Years

This kid is already two and a half! If you ask her she’ll tell you she’s six, though. Or “a little adult.” When I look back, it’s impressive how much she’s already changed since age two.


I don’t think she’s cracked 30 pounds, yet. She’s creeped up a few pounds, based on the random scale-stepping she does at home, but she can still fit into even 18-24 month clothes so I think we’re nearing the leveling-out stage.


The most I can really get away with is Boo, or Buddy. She’s quite insistent that people use her full name (to much daycare hilarity).


She’s opinionated, that’s for sure. Matt and I were recently talking about how we’re getting a bit of a preview of the ‘threenager’ personality. She knows what she wants, knows how she expects things to go, and if it deviates, she’s upset. I understand it — there’s not much you can control as a two and a half year old. She’s generally quick to rebound, though.


Some might call her bossy — I say she has early leadership skills — and is often the ringleader at daycare, whether it’s good ideas or less-than-good ones. She’s stubborn as can be, which is not surprising given her genetics; but she’s also quite nurturing and imaginative.


The biggest deal is that she’s (mostly) potty-trained! After a brief foray into pull-ups to let her have the independence she so very much desires, Matt decided to go big or go home a month or two ago, and sent her to daycare in underwear. After about a week of hits and misses she got into the idea and lately it’s been going very well, with minimal issues. She’s in diapers for overnights, still, but has managed several long trips without problems.


She’s getting to be able to dress herself, or at least deal with the accessories — she puts on her own shoes, her coat and her hat. Her speech has come along fantastically and she’s saying complex things (“Today Tracey read us the spider book for circle time at my daycare!”). She’s getting better at drawing, and can handle a lot of physical things — climbing, running, jumping. She says she wants to join hockey and figure skating this year.



Daycare still gets her down for an afternoon nap — at home on weekends it’s negligible but she usually passes out mid-afternoon. Unfortunately she seems to still have her dad’s sleep needs, and wants to stay up late and get up early. She’s in a crib with the side off, now, so she can move around when she wants, and a few times a week I wake up at an ungodly hour to “HEYYO, MUMMY!” and a toddler climbing into the bed (and she gets quite angry when Matt returns her to her own room).


We have some strong opinions over here (are you surprised?). She doesn’t like tomatoes or beans. “I only yike french fry potatoes and potato soup.” She does not like chocolate milk; “only white milk.” Still loves yogurt and breakfast foods in general, and bread, plus cheese and pasta of course. I’m hoping a vegetable garden will encourage her to try some fresher things again, but she’s good about taking a bite of each thing in a dish before moving on, which is our dinner time requirement.



She’s in an array of clothes — some 2T, some 3T, and some smaller stuff that she can still fit into/wear as a shirt instead of a dress. She loves the colour orange, so if we can put her in something orange she’s happy. She’s choosy about her shoes, and understands the correlation between the weather outside and what she should be wearing (though she will occasionally insist “it’s NOT raining” even though it’s pouring, because she doesn’t want a coat).



M is really into her creative play toys, right now. Her kitchen and the play food within it are always popular, and she takes time out to ‘feed’ all of her various babies and stuffed animals. She likes to pretend that she’s a doctor who is taking her charges to the ‘hossi-bill’ and also loves to pretend to play golf, skate, and water the garden. Orange and blue are her favourite colours, and she is still obsessed with Curious George. She’s finally interested in the bath tub again after a vacation and shared baths with her cousin, plus a new tub with a covered drain.


Doesn’t Love:

Showers in the morning — that’s a battle. She always says she doesn’t want to go to daycare, too. She doesn’t love having to go to sleep, and still hates having her hair brushed. She hates when Matt says no to something in particular, and will run to me with “MUMMY! MUMMMMMYYYYY!” DADDY TOOK MY ____/DADDY SAID NOOOOOOO/DADDY IS _____!!!”

IMG_8410 (1)

Mom & Dad:

With Matt working regular daytime hours things are sooooo much easier, parenting-wise. We all see a lot more of one another, and things feel balanced again (mostly — I’ve been feeling under the weather and hitting bed before everyone else, which has left more on Matt’s plate, but M is a surprisingly flexible kid who is fine with going out tP the garage or working on indoor projects with him).

Things to Remember:

We went to the zoo a few weekends ago and I think it will be something she actually remembers for awhile. It was probably our most successful trip away from home, still with a few hiccups, but proof that we’re capable of switching things up even with a kid in tow. Same with our family trip to South Carolina — with an older, more interactive M, we had a lot of fun. It’s really just been a fun six months of watching her learn and grow even more!


Dear M,

When we’re running a bit late for daycare, we usually step out of the door to see a parade of school buses going by, down the road. You always, always start singing The Wheels on the Bus, then ask me when you can go to school. Today I told you that it would probably be next year — already, so soon, you’ll be out of daycare and into kindergarten! That’s just one way that time is, as always, going by so quickly. I don’t know how much of this age you’ll remember, if any, but I can tell you that it’s a lot of fun.

I love the way you interact with your friends, both the stuffed animals and the daycare classmates. You get really excited about spending time with the people and things you love. Sometimes you try to take charge of everyone and everything, and sometimes your classmates eagerly follow you — I’m always wondering how that will translate when you’re older. I bet you’re going to be a magnet, because you already are.

You have such a personality, that is coming out more and more every month. Keep that curiosity, and that joy, and yes, that stubbornness and dedication to your own desires. You’re going to do big things — and you already have, in our family.

I love you,


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  1. Oh my gosh, she’s getting so big and is so adorable! I’m sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well, but I had a hunch and your Instagram confirmed it! Huge congratulations, Shayla. I’m sending lots of good thoughts your way. I have a December baby, too. 🙂

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