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Luxe Boxe delivery!

I got my first Luxe Box delivery in the mail on Wednesday, which was perfect timing because I’ve been stupidly sick with either allergies or the plague so getting a shipment of beauty products went a long way toward making me feel like a human instead of a sniffling, Sudafed-ed up zombie.

Loose Button does a really good job on their packaging. My favourite part was the plantable paper, which I’m going to have to get growing so Marbles can dig it up and kill it like he did with our other houseplant.

I didn’t really know what to expect but there were a few thoughts I had right away — first off, I was kind of hoping for more makeup-y products than beauty products but I know the selection will vary every month. Second, I remembered that I’m a slacker when it comes to makeup and hair and moisturizer and all that so maybe this will be the motivation to make a little more effort in that department. Finally, I wish it was a little more personalized because I’m not sure that I really need an advanced aging cream, but then again I have no idea when you’re supposed to start worrying about wrinkles so maybe I should be.

(Overall, I think I’m putting way too much thought into a box of little tiny beauty samples.)

I was really happy they included a sample for Matt, even if he doesn’t ever wear cologne. I wish every place I ordered from did this — it would make the sheer amount of mail I get a little more tolerable for him, and maybe stave off some of those “what the hell did you buy this time?” questions.

Then there was the firming cream stuff. I don’t really think I need it for my 24-year-old skin that is more like a teenager’s face than anything but it doesn’t smell bad so there’s that. There was some kind of fancy hair mask thing that I’m actually really psyched about because my hair is an utter mess right now (thank you, wedding, for motivating me to grow it out…). The instructions involve a hot towel and the word ’emulsifying’ so I think it’s more of a weekend project.

My favourite sample so far is the glittery eyeliner so you can tell that I’m really sophisticated when it comes to makeup. I actually can’t wear anything glittery on my eyes without thinking about how, in Grade 6, it was super cool to smear your eyelids with glitter gel. My sixth grade teacher actually accused me of crying one time because my eyes were so sparkly he thought it was tears. I put this on yesterday and felt really stupid with glittery eyelids for work, though, so I guess it’s for special occasions (… camping? Easter? I am so not fancy).

I haven’t worn perfume since high school because my dad developed a ridiculous allergy to it that sends him into sneezing fits. Like, sneezing eight times in a row kind of sneezing fits. There are so many scent-sensitive people out there and I don’t want to be a jerk so I don’t wear it. I’ve been thinking about if I should wear perfume for the wedding, because of that whole scent/memory connection thing, so at least I can try these out for that purpose — but I don’t want my dad to sneeze me down the aisle, so these are probably, in all honesty, going to remain unused.

I signed up for a package deal of a few months’ worth of these boxes, so I’m eager to see what April brings! I hope it’s not more wrinkle cream.

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