Life’s a Beach

I have to be honest and admit that last weekend, when we were supposed to be packing and cleaning, we went to the beach. Twice.

In our defense, it’s sort of proving impossible to pack this early. I need all the bathroom things, and most of the kitchen things, and the bedroom things, and the closet things. The office is a work in progress and the living room is fairly empty, and the storage room is coming along in bits and pieces.

So on Saturday, after each filling two bins, Matt and I headed to the town beach, then out for drinks with a few friends. We made plans to hit up our favourite beach the following day– it’s a bit further out of town, partway to one of the closest First Nations communities in the area, and it’s amazing.

This is a huge beach for around here. The water is warm, even for Matt, who is a cold water wimp, and usually, the ground is sandy, not rocky or weedy. Unfortunately, lots of other people had the same idea as us thanks to the plus-30 temperatures, so we didn’t get our favourite spot and were stuck in the grungier area of the sand.

Before we left town, Matt and I searched every store for floaties, hoping to find a tube or raft or something to lie on in the water. The only selection was a literal handful of sad, knock-off, skinny pool noodles, which we bought anyway for lack of a better option.

Unless one of us makes it out to the city this week I think we’re going to have to invest in more sad pool noodles because despite their lack of bouyancy, the boys had a blast in the water, hitting each other with the noodles, spraying water out of the noodles, making dirty jokes with the noodles… Matt only came out once, to grab me and force me back in after I complained about overheating in the sun.

Kat and Bob’s dog Chance (AKA Little Dog) has a tendency to chase after anything and everything so they brought a leash this time. He was standing in the shallow part of the lake whining at us so we let him go, and he swam in circles, brave enough to swim out to meet us but not brave enough to stick around. He then proceeded to dig a giant hole in the sand in an attempt to warm up.

I tried to chase Matt into the water, still in the shallow part with a towel wrapped around me, when I fell directly into a hole Bob dug in the lake and face-planted, towel and all. Refreshing.

Our temperatures are hovering in the plus-30s still, and the humidex is even higher. The forest fires in the North have become even worse, with nearly all of the communities evacuated or on notice. The smoke is heavy, even here, and apparently it’s reaching as far as the East coast. At home, we’re stuck between opening the windows for some heat relief at night, or keeping them closed to keep out the smoke as much as possible. Matt and I are both battling headaches and I’ve noticed my eyes and throat feel scratchy. I can’t imagine how bad it is closer to the flames.

That being said, I’m guessing that this weekend, our last before moving, we’re going to… go to the beach and not pack.


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