Life Lately: May 2016

It’s May! It felt like it was a short winter and spring seemed to pop up really quickly, though the weather forecast is mentioning flurries for Friday. It’s been a quiet month so far but at the same time we’ve been busy — Matt is settling into his new-ish job, we’re dealing with the usual spring cleaning stuff, and I’m playing a pretty big role in organizing our community’s Relay for Life. Blogging, as usual, is taking a back seat, but then again, lots of stuff is taking a back seat!


We recently had to rush Murphy off to the vet — $300 later he was up to date on shots and had some painkillers; he wasn’t using his tail properly but a week later he seems to be mended. Our stray cat friend has disappeared; we saw him on the local animal rescue page but decided against adopting him given his propensity to roam.

Food — I am obsessed with chicken Thai wraps from the coffee shop in town. They only make them on Fridays but I want one right now. I also want the sandwich place to make their awesome tacos every day instead of sporadically. And we discovered that Matt’s work actually makes PHENOMENAL pizza on Fridays. In terms of food I have cooked on my own — try this one-pot lasagna recipe (but you may need a bigger pot — I used a dutch oven).

I’m trying to transition into warmer weather clothing but it’s not quite happening. I had the chance to dress up a bit last Friday, though — Matt and I had a working date, both covering one of his work events for our respective employers. It’s the first time I’ve worn heels in a long time and M was like, “What are those?!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt¬†is my lazy-person Netflix pleasure right now. Matt and I haven’t watched shows together in forever — I’m usually in bed before him these days — so we’ve branched off into our own favourites. I rarely watch TV but this is good mindless entertainment for those few times I feel like hanging out with the laptop!

M is all about taking care of her various animals and dolls, especially my childhood teddy bear. She feeds him ‘breakfast’ most mornings and makes sure he goes back to his den with the other bears at night. She’s quite imaginative and has a zillion questions all the time. She’s also in the throes of two-year-old attitude.

And finally… I need to weed and plant and do all kinds of stuff to the gardens. One of these days…

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