July 2013 Topbox Reveal

I went for the standard Topbox this month — none of the special options really stuck out to me. I feel like I’m gambling by going for a mystery box now, which is funny because that’s how they all used to be! Here’s what I got (and full disclosure, I haven’t actually tried any of this stuff out yet):

July Topbox

KMS Dry Xtreme Hairspray – I kind of hate when people drop the e on extreme. It’s xtreeeeeeme. Anyway. Apparently this is a super-volumizing hairspray which is exactly what I don’t need with my hair in its current state (read: frizzy, HUGE, tangled, unmanageable). I’ve switched conditioners and it’s helping, but truth be told, getting this product is what finally prompted me to book a haircut next Friday. I haven’t had a haircut in over a year (seriously) and pregnancy is making it all the more huge, so it’s time for a trim. I guess if this hairspray sucks, at least it got me to get a cut?

Belvada Essential Day Cream – That’s the caviar-like stuff on top. I pulled it out of the package and made a WTF face — there are apparently 24k gold flakes in it? You’re supposed to grab three of the ‘pearls’, mix them with the serum/moisturizer/weird goop, and put it on your face. It seems simultaneously fancy and disturbing. I’m probably not their target market but I’m going to try it anyway.

B. Kamins BB Cream – My only experience with BB cream has been the Garnier stuff that makes my face look sweaty. This apparently doesn’t have colour to it; it’s a transparent product that does all the stuff BB cream is supposed to do. Pregnancy is not treating my face kindly, so we’ll see.

China Glaze in Keeping it Teal – This is a fun colour! I pretty much only paint my toenails — I suck at fingernails — and this seems like it will be good for feet. I have used China Glaze and liked it before, although my last freebie seemed kind of gloppy. I hope this one turns out nicely!

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  1. Well, at least that nail color looks fun for summer! I had lots of trouble with my skin, too, during pregnancy. Here’s to that glow that comes after the baby is born. 🙂

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