Hummingbird Chocolate Maker: Maple 70% & Alta Verapez

These bars are special! My dad bought them after noticing that they’re local, and that their Hispaniola 70-per-cent cacao bar was chosen as the best dark bean to bar in the world last year in London’s Academy of Chocolate awards. Hummingbird is from Almonte, Ontario!

The maple bar did indeed taste like maple, but smoky — less like maple syrup, more like sitting in a sugar shack if that makes sense. It has that sour dark chocolate taste, and is nice and smooth.

The Alta Verapez is supposed to be hoptastic, and it is! Again, the flavour is there but it doesn’t take over the rest of the bar, including the classic sour dark chocolate taste. It has a fruitiness to it — my guess was lime. It’s another smooth bar, and it’s not like any other kind of bar I’ve ever had in terms of flavour. Hummingbird makes good stuff!

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