Hootenanny – An Easy Oven Pancake

Have you heard of hootenanny? I never, ever make a big cooked breakfast, but this oven pancake idea looked really easy. And it was. This is the kind of thing you can throw together with basic pantry ingredients, and it looks like you’re a super fancy chef when you’re not. Here’s how to make an oven pancake.

Easy Oven Pancake

Making an Oven Pancake

All you have to do is put a half-cup of butter in a big pan, let it melt in the oven, then whisk together six eggs, a cup of milk, a few sweet spices, and a cup of flour. Pour it over the butter, and let it cook for twenty-five minutes (the exact instructions are linked above). Mine puffed up like crazy in the oven!

Matt likened it to a sweet Yorkshire Pudding, and I think the ingredients are the exact same, less the cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. It was so simple to make, and really tasty with syrup and whipped cream. You could always top it with berries, chocolate chips, any kind of syrup or sauce… the possibilities are endless, and delicious!


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