Halloween Lessons from Beetlejuice and Lydia

I know, I know, Halloween isn’t until tomorrow. But like many grown-ups, Matt and I celebrated on Saturday. We dressed up in our finest and headed to a costume party at Kat and Bob’s house. It was our first time really celebrating Halloween together, and I learned a few things while we were having fun.

1. Everyone knows who Beetlejuice is.

We decided (I decided) that we should be Beetlejuice and Lydia, dressed up to be married. I thought it’d be really funny what with us being newlyweds. Amazingly, Matt possesses the innate ability to do the Beetlejuice voice, without thinking about it or practicing. Everyone loved him.

2. Nobody knows who Lydia Deetz is.

I, on the other hand, got a lot of I don’t know who you’re supposed to be. Even when I pointed out that Matt was Beetlejuice and I was Lydia. I guess people forget that part of the movie…

3. Don’t trust ASOS.

Part of the problem was that my dress wasn’t right for the costume. I ordered a lacey red dress from ASOS at the beginning of October, fully expecting it to arrive with plenty of time thanks to their estimation of an eight-day shipping time. When it wasn’t in my mailbox by Friday, I asked when I should expect it, and I guess I have to wait until November 2 for it to even be considered late. Thanks, ASOS! Now I have a ridiculous dress that I am never going to wear, coming to me some time after Halloween.

Anyway, I wore my bridesmaid’s dress from my sister’s wedding, namely because it’s red. I actually really like the dress in real life, which leads me to my next lesson.

4. Black spray dye is a terrible idea.

The dress straps? Dyed black. My face? Dyed black. Everything in the bathroom? Dyed black. I need to do some serious scrubbing to get the floor clean. I should have probably just worn the cheap wig I bought, even if it did look awful.

In order to make my hair do what I wanted it to do, I had to tease it, then pin it all up, then hairspray the bejeezus out of it, then spray it black, then hit it with half a can of hairspray yet again. You can imagine how fun it was to take that out after imbibing a few rum and Cokes.

5. Men can do things last-minute and have it turn out wonderfully.

I started planning this costume in August. I ordered my dress early. I bought Matt’s wig and makeup and my gloves online. I bookmarked movie stills for inspiration.

Matt went to the Salvation Army the weekend before Halloween and bought a $3 suit that fits him quite nicely (and it’s a high-quality suit to boot). He looked better than me.

6. People in costume doing every day things — hilarious.

Beetlejuice feeding the cats. Beetlejuice scraping the ice off the windshield. Beetlejuice going into the convenience store and complaining that that Coke costs too much. I feel like Matt should be Beetlejuice all the time.

Bonus Lesson: Cards Against Humanity is even better in a big group.

We got a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity going and it was probably one of the best setups we’ve had for it. I think there were seven or eight people playing, so there were way more funny card combinations than usual. I love that game!

Did anyone else dress up early? Did anyone else win Best Female Costume (aww yeah — I guess my costume wasn’t that bad!)?

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