Gap 1969 Legging Jeans & a Random Cat

I am not a fashion blogger because I rarely feel fashionable and also am the most awkward person in the world when it comes to taking photos. Case in point — I decided to buy some Gap 1969 legging jeans because I live in skinny jeans and my one pair of favourite Old Navy Rockstars is not cutting it. I find myself wearing leggings nonstop which is fine, but I should probably have some more pants options. The legging jeans were on sale (and still are) and I got ’em for a steal.

They arrived, I put them on, and despite the elastic waistband situation I liked them. They’re long enough in a tall size without being weirdly high-rise like ON tall jeans are. The colours are nice. They’re comfy, and not too tight but not too baggy. Unfortunately, I read that Gap is phasing them out so I’ll have to take good care of them!

So I thought, why not take a few photos. But I was by myself, and there’s no good place to take pictures right now because we’re in that melting-snow time of year… and then there’s the cat.

This cat showed up at our door a few days ago and has been hanging around since. We thought about taking him in until a friend of mine determined that he is most likely her neighbour’s cat (said neighbour commented that it’s NOT his cat, but we think maybe he’s been going back and forth between houses so when the neighbour was like “no my cat’s home,” it wasn’t untrue). M named him Poo Poo.

I went outside and tried to take a picture of my pants (aaaah blogging). Poo Poo did not want to leave me alone. He’s intensely friendly. He’s actually ran through our house twice now.


That picture probably would have sucked anyway. But hey — pants. Cat not included.


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