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We’ve got a sick little baby on our hands — just a cold, but she’s only really happy on my lap or in her Jolly Jumper today. It’s a throwback to the newborn days, almost, and I’ve dropped any expectations of getting housework done. I may haul her out of the house for a walk this afternoon if she’s agreeable, but it’s definitely a low-key day. So, with baby in one hand and laptop in the other, I’ve decided to work on some social media stuff!

I was avoiding setting up a Facebook page for Northern Exposure for awhile — it just didn’t seem necessary — but looking at my personal page I realized it’s basically covered in blog posts, and I wanted to encourage some separation, there. And so, starting today, Northern Exposure is on Facebook!

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I’ll be sharing links to posts there, so if you don’t currently follow along in an RSS reader, it’s a good way to see updates. Along with that, I plan on sharing small posts, links, photos, and other things that are interesting but not quite blog-worthy! I’m hoping to grow and evolve the page as I figure out what, exactly, its purpose should be.

I’d love it if you’d join me! And if anyone has suggestions for what they like to see on a Facebook page, I’m all ears.

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  1. Catherine says:

    So sorry M. is sick. Could she be teething? I was looking at your instagram and just noticed she has her thumb or fingers in her mouth in some pictures. My little guys chewed their hands when they were teething.

    1. Shayla says:

      I haven’t felt or seen any teeth yet! She’s been drooling and chewing for awhile now. Mostly she’s got a cough and a runny nose which is making her miserable. 🙁 Lots of cuddle time!

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