Aerial Views of Sioux Lookout

Our new house is right by the town’s aerodrome — essentially, the ‘water airport’ for planes with floats when the water is open and skis when it’s frozen. It just so happened that after we dropped off our last few boxes upon moving in, and took a seat on our deck, we noticed a local flight company was still offering aerial tours of the town as part of our ongoing summer festival.

Matt and I rushed to the docks with a few minutes to spare and managed to snag a ride on a Beaver, which made him very happy. I didn’t really care which plane we went on but I have to admit that I can’t tell the difference.

(The middle photo is the plane we went in).

It was neat taking off outside our house, as Matt’s family who had come to help us move went down to the lake to watch us. We were up in the air for maybe 15 minutes, with two people in the back, us in the middle, and another passenger in the front with the pilot. There were a few bumps, so I was feeling a bit queasy. Taking photos actually seemed to help because it distracted me from the wicked angle we were at — I wasn’t bothered by our ride last year so I’m thinking it had to do with the giant bump that happened pretty much as soon as we leveled off this time around.

This is a pretty typical view of Northwestern Ontario, I think– trees, lakes, and railroad tracks.

The yellow rope hanging off the wing is what they use to help pull the planes in and secure them when they taxi over to the docks.

This is our hopsital and hostel complex. I was shooting with a 50mm lens because the 24mm was packed away — I would have preferred to shoot wide, but what can ya do when your life is in boxes?

Trees. Lots and lots of trees.

That’s our airport and part of the golf course. You can imagine how loud things can get on the green right by the runway.

The hangars at the airport. There are a few air ambulance services, the police service for some of the Northern reserves, two large regional carriers, and a few smaller charter services. That long brown building is the terminal, and the big blue one on the left is an aircraft maintenance company.

That white blob is another float plane, and it looks like that bare patch up to the top right is a logged-out area, which are pretty common around here.

Coming back toward town, we have the rail yard. It’s relatively busy with cargo trains but passenger trains seem to come at odd hours.

Some of the residential area, looking beyond the tracks. You can hear the trains from nearly everywhere in town.

And then we landed!

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