Five Years

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary. I always find myself reflecting on the traditional gift for anniversaries: five years is the wood anniversary.

Marriage & the Wood Anniversary

Wood is interesting. It’s very strong, relative to its weight — meaning it can bear a lot more than it looks like it can handle. If you take care of it, it will last for ages. It’s durable. It’s renewable. It can be refinished, if it gets messed up. A five-year-old marriage is much the same, I think: it’s still young, with a lot of life left in it, and though it may have a few dings and scratches, it has strength on its side.

What can two people accomplish in five years? A home, a car, two kids, an existence that keeps sprawling outward.

That’s the other thing I find fascinating about trees. They grow up, and out, and down. As their branches stretch and their leaves reach skyward, their roots dig deeper. A strong, healthy tree, rooted safely into a solid foundation, can not only withstand the elements, it can harbour the seeds that grow entire forests.


In five years of marriage thus far, I don’t think our roots have ever truly been threatened. Our leaves and our branches have shaken and swayed, and we’ve lost a few (metaphorical) limbs. But if we’re a tree, we’re one that renews and replenishes itself, with the right care and conditions.

Perhaps I’m not sentimental enough — I got my husband an anniversary card featuring a photo of goats, for example — but I see today as another building block. The more of these we stack up, the more our lives take shape. If we do it right, we are the two names that sit at the top of the family tree one day, able to look out at all we put into motion.

We're the names at the top of the family tree one day, looking at all we put into motion. Click To Tweet

And all of this, from choosing to love. From continuing to choose to love, on the good days and the bad days and everything in-between. From bending and not breaking. From swaying with one another in whatever direction needs it most. Five years and five years and five years and onward.

Here’s to onward. <3


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