Family Day Fire

The Ontario government decided, a while back, that we should have a long weekend in February. It’s allegedly to spend more time with one’s family, but we all know it’s a) because we didn’t have a stat between New Year’s and Easter and b) everyone else has a stat in February… oh, and c) February sucks and is cold.

Our Family Days are usually pretty anticlimactic. I read something over the weekend that said, basically, most Canadians will be using Family Day to get away from their family and it made me laugh. We spent actual Family Day cleaning (OK, I cleaned, Matt shoveled for three hours) but we had fun the day before.

Let me back up, actually — see, we intended to go out on Sunday with crazy carpets and a GT, in search of a not-busy sliding hill. It was me, Matt, Ashley, Jesse, Bob and Kathleen, and we didn’t want to share our fun with the local kids at the popular sliding hill in town. So, we drove all the way out to the quarry (we weren’t planning to slide into the quarry itself, but there are less steep gravel slopes that seemed like they’d work). It was snowing a tiny bit when we left, but the longer we stayed out the more it snowed, until we were in a bit of a blizzard without even realizing.

By the time we were almost there it dawned on all of us that it likely wouldn’t be plowed out, and there was no way we were walking through three feet of snow with all of our stuff. Seeing that unplowed road was a disappointment, but Jesse thought we could try out a sand pit a few minutes back. This is what happened when Matt tried to walk up the hill (also pictured):


Jesse and Bob tried to literally scale the hill, and that didn’t work either. So, we were off to find another hill… preferably one that was closer to the highway and didn’t involve trekking through so much snow, a tall order in the weather conditions over the weekend.

We drove around a few places — down a road here, through train tracks there — and couldn’t find anything. I was starting to get carsick. Everyone was a bit hungry. So, we stopped on a side road (traffic-free) that looked like it might have a promising hill, right on the road. Turns out that it wasn’t steep enough, but there was plenty of space to dig out a fire pit on the side, which we did.


We enjoyed hot drinks, hot dogs and smokies… and some of the gentlemen enjoyed a thrill ride on the GT, towed behind the truck down the hill.


(I stole the photo of me from Kathleen to prove I’m not a vampire — thanks Kat!).

As it got darker and we all got a bit colder, it was time to head home. It was a long, slow drive back thanks to the powdery snow accumulating on the roads, and I was happy to get home and get warm!

So, it wasn’t quite the day we had planned, but it was still fun. We just need to find a good sliding hill one of these days!


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  1. Sounds like FUN! Esp. behind a pickup truck. We had Stephen’s families two out the last time we were up during the winter. But, you know, us souuuuthen (southern) girls don’t know what a GT is. I do, but I’m marrying a Canuck. Do you have any photos of one in action?

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