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Have you heard the news (I’m sure you have!)? Facebook bought Instagram.

Is anyone really surprised? Given the opportunity to get in on part of a billion dollars, I think I’d sell out, too. Still, I’m not really sure how it will change things. I use Instagram basically every day, now that I have an iPhone — I love that I can link it up to Twitter, Facebook, all of my social media services with one click. But it’s just an iPhone app to me, and if Facebook changes things too much, I don’t think I’ll be devastated if I have to delete it.

Chris Taylor at Mashable has an interesting post about how Instagram and Facebook merging could be a good thing. He thinks that the Instagram team might just make the app advance a lot faster with access to Facebook’s resources, which makes sense to me.

I’m not worried about Facebook having increased access to my life, honestly, because I put it all out there anyway. If Mark Zuckerberg can really gain something from photos of my cats, I’m okay with it.

For those who are still waving goodbye, Lifehacker has a list of good alternative apps.

Do you use Instagram? What do you think about the sale to Facebook?

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