Every once in awhile I get the idea that I’m good at baking and decide to take on something challenging. My mom tucked a set of woodland creature cookie cutters in with the Tassimo and I’ve been eying them up ever since, trying to figure out what to do with ‘em. Over the weekend I decided I’d make roll-out cookies, something I have never, ever done.

Anything that involves the words ‘plastic wrap’ and ‘chill’ is too complicated in my books so I used this no-chill recipe from Kitchen Simplicity. The recipe is perfect — I had no problem mixing, rolling or cutting any of the cookies, and I’m usually a failure when it comes to rolling pins.

I ran out of time on Friday evening to decorate them so I did it on Saturday instead. It took me forever and my designs are certainly not professional but it was fun.

For the rest of the weekend we ended up eating them in pairs, making each animal go extinct. Anthropomorphizing cookies is a bad idea.

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