Enjoying the Kitchen Again

During my rough year pre-baby, I ate a lot of comfort food and was too tired and down to really get into cooking. When I was pregnant with A, nausea took over, followed by exhaustion, and I still didn’t cook a lot. And then, in the early months with him, it was impossible to try to cook anything beyond a simple meal, and I gravitated to eating pre-made, packaged, processed things that were fast and easy.

In the last few weeks we’ve been making concerted efforts to eat better, all around, for everyone in the family. For me, at home for lunches and breakfast every day, that has meant getting back into the kitchen. I’ve been buying more fresh produce and taking the time to prep it and keep it quick and accessible in the fridge, taking an hour or so at the start of the week to rinse, chop, portion, and cook batches of things like rice and couscous.

I’ve also been digging back into CookSmarts recipes, having skipped around between CS and flying by the seat of my “whatever is fast” pants. We’ll see what happens during summer, because I often revert to quick and easy and not heat-generating during the warm months!

And, having cleared out many of our cupboards, I’ve made our appliances like the Instant Pot more accessible, and have been leaning on it for meals like this Hawaiian pulled chicken bowl. I love how fast it is with things like frozen meat and heartier stews and soups, and although it may not actually be that ‘instant’ when you consider the time it takes to get up to pressure and back down, I like that I can set it and forget it.

Overall I’m enjoying being in the kitchen, and enjoying the food I’m eating, a lot more.

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