EAT THIS: Souffle Omelette

I love omelettes. If I’m out for breakfast, unless there’s an awesome eggs benedict option, I’m usually going for the omelette. Unfortunately I’m terrible at making them at home — I can’t quite get the temperatures and the flip right, and I end up with scrambled eggs with things in them instead of an omelette. But now I have a foolproof method that is ten times more delicious than a regular omelette.

I actually find this easier than making regular omelettes! You need butter, three eggs, two bowls, an oven-safe skillet, a flipper and a mixer or a whisk. All you have to do is separate the yolks from the whites, into different bowls. Mix up the yolks with a fork and season with salt and pepper and some cheese if you want cheese. Whip the whites to soft peak (this was far easier with the electric mixer and also led to better results), turn your skillet onto medium-high with some butter, fold the yolks into the whites and when the butter is foamy, pour the whole thing into the skillet and give it a shake to cover the pan. Turn on the broiler.

Throw some extra cheese and any other toppings onto the middle and let it set for a minute. Run your flipper around the edges to loosen it up. Then put the pan under the broiler for another minute or so, until the top is browning and the cheese is melted. Take it out, fold it in half, and enjoy.

The eggs puff up around the toppings/fillings and hold it all together so there’s no messy flipping issues (though my tomatoes did go rogue). The outside is crispy and golden from the bottom of the pan, and the inside is incredibly fluffy. Best. Omelette. Ever.

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