Eat This: Apple Buttermilk Custard Pie

We’ve been heading out of town to do our grocery shopping — our budget just could not handle in-town prices, and with the cost of gas so low it’s worth it for the cheaper prices even though it’s a three-hour commitment at minimum. I’ve spent a little more on food so far but unlike my $30/4 item local hauls, the fridge is actually stuffed full of food every week, which is good to see. But! But. I have leftovers like crazy because we have so many options.

Last weekend I took inventory of the things that needed to be eaten ASAP, which included a pie crust leftover from the onion tart recipe, part of a box of buttermilk from Matt’s cake baking efforts, and three sad Granny Smith apples because I’m the only one who ┬álikes green apples in this house. Duly noted.

My method of dealing with leftovers is simple — freeze them, or turn them into something else by Googling for a recipe that incorporates everything. That’s how I ended up with this apple buttermilk custard pie.

Apple Pie

Here’s the recipe, another one from Cooking Light. In this case I think the ‘light’ aspect comes from cutting the pie into tenths rather than eighths (which is surprisingly hard to do, at least for this mathematically-challenged blogger). I didn’t change much in the recipe, other than only using three apples. It just meant that the pie was a bit less full than it’d be with the full amount.

When you bake this, after adding the crumb topping, it will puff up like crazy in the oven. I was envisioning the same issue Matt had with his cake — it expanded enough that it dripped out of the pan, creating a smoky disaster — but it all stayed contained within the pie plate. Once you take it out to cool it will deflate, so don’t worry.

This pie is totally worth the effort. It’s sugary, but the buttermilk gives it a creamy, tangy taste, and the apples add tartness too — I imagine it would’ve been even better with more fruit! I think that this recipe would probably work well with different fruit, too, if you aren’t an apple fan.┬áNext time I’ll make a homemade crust to really step it up a notch.

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