Easter = “SNACKS!”

Last year, M got socks for Easter. It was a busy weekend and she was so little that she had no idea what was going on. This year, the concept of the Easter bunny was still a stretch (and honestly, isn’t a giant candy-gifting rabbit sort of a stretch no matter how old you are?) but we upgraded her basket.


She mostly had non-candy things — a pair of shoes, more socks (yes!), blocks, a toy boat with sand toys, four rubber ducks with whom she is now obsessed, and some stuffed animals. Her daycare sent a stuffed kitty, and her Grandma Jackie sent a beautiful dress from Mexico, and a card (with which she is also obsessed — “Happy! Jackie!”).


But… there was some candy. We got her a few treats, daycare also sent a gummy stick, Grandma Jackie sent a few delicious things.


Then there was the egg hunt. I only ever remember one year when I got to do an egg hunt; other than that my family just put everything right in the basket. But I think egg hunts are fun, even when it’s below zero and snowing, so we put jellybeans and gummy bears in three dozen plastic eggs and stashed them around the living room.


To our surprise, she caught on right away and found every single egg, carefully depositing them in another basket. She has two shaker eggs, which are supposed to be used while playing guitar, so I think she thought they were just even more shakers. And then she found out what was in them.


We had to take the basket with all of the candy in it away. Her auntie and uncle brought over a chocolate bunny and a puzzle, and the bunny went away too. Because while she had access to the eggs she went totally crazy and ate a ton of candy, didn’t nap almost all day, and cried her way through supper because she wanted “SNACKS! SNACKS!”

Yesterday she found the spot where I had stashed the basket and helped herself to three more eggs before I managed to sneak it away again. It’s a good thing she’s in love with those ducks, and the boat, and putting the ducks in the boat, or I’d feel like a mean Easter bunny.


Easter Sunday was the highlight of the weekend, of course, but we did do a few other entertaining things together. We’ve been all out of sorts this month so it was nice to dedicate some extra time to family fun, even if it didn’t all go perfectly smoothly. We took M to see the horses, which is probably one of her favourite things to do ever. We actually went twice, and on the second day she fed a horse an apple — the equivalent of meeting Santa himself for this 1.5 year old, I think.



We went out for breakfast one day, which has become a rare treat. M had dippy eggs for the first time ever.


And, we did our semi-traditional coming out of hibernation celebration, even though it was too cold to really play outside. The car seat fits in Matt’s truck nicely so we were able to bump down a few logging roads in search of a decent place to stop and take in the scenery. Apparently I have become someone who gets carsick (or rather — I’ve returned to being someone who gets carsick) but once we weren’t in motion it was nice. M got to play in the back of the truck, we listened to some nostalgic tunes, and drank a cider or two (while stopped, of course).

Theoretically this means that we should be able to play outside any time we want from now on, but the current forecast would say otherwise. Once we hit this weekend, though, we should be in the double digits (or almost there) for awhile. I’m looking forward to it!

How was your Easter?

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  1. Katie says:

    Looks like a great Easter! M is just sooo cute. It’s been pretty cold around here and it was actually a bit warmer in Oslo where we went for Easter, but then colder again back down in Munich. I’m really looking forward to the weather reaching and staying in double digits! It was -2 again this morning with wind and I’m over it! 😛

    1. Shayla says:

      We keep getting super cold evenings and overnights, then warm afternoons. It’s fine for daycare pickup and dropoff because we walk, but I wish we could get an entire nice day!

  2. Catherine says:

    Such adorable pictures! It looks like you guys had a great time. I made the mistake of putting the boys’ baskets with some candy in their bedrooms, so they woke up and proceeded to eat everything in their baskets at 6:00 in the morning. Thankfully, nobody got sick this year from all the goodies, which did happen last year.

    1. Shayla says:

      Oh no! That would be an awesome way to wake up, though. 😉

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