DIY Date Night Jar

Left to my own devices, I’m one of those, “What do you want to do? I dunno… what do you want to do?” people. It’s not really a good way to have adventures, especially on the weekend. Enter the DIY date night jar.

We have a ton of empty jars, so that was an easy to start. I didn’t have popsicle sticks around, so I cut up a bunch of index cards and started jotting down date night/weekend plans on them, everything from going out for dessert to camping in the backyard.

I had to colour code them so we’d be able to pick from the right category — as in, we probably don’t want to grab an expensive out-of-the-house slip when we’re dealing with massive heat bills, and we don’t want to pick “go snowshoeing!” in the middle of June. I drew a little heart on each slip, and a matching stripe along the back. Then I sealed each one up with washi tape.

To make sense of the coloured hearts, I attached a legend to the jar. The orange hearts are for out-of-the-house dates that might cost a bit of money, from going out for drinks to hitting up a new city. Pink hearts, which will probably be heavily used, are at-home and free dates, like building a blanket fort and watching TV.

Blue is for outdoors, and I indicated directly on the tag if the date would involve gas money — some of them are free, like going for a walk, and some require a fueled-up truck, like going geocaching. I also indicated if the blue tags were season-dependent.

Finally, there are green hearts, which are at-home dates that cost a bit of money (but not a lot). Things like buying food to make a special dinner, or renting a movie, fall into this category.

I’m hoping that when we’re stuck for something to do, we reach for the date jar. Even if we don’t use it often, it’s there to spark a few ideas so we aren’t spending our free time watching Netflix reality TV (though there is always a good time for that!).

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  1. Love this idea! &I don’t think it’s cheesy because you could use these type of ‘activity jars’ for anything. I like the idea of having a rainy day/sunny day jar for different things to do. 🙂

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