Delicious berry salad

Every once in awhile Matt and I fall into a dinnertime routine that works. Lately, it’s been simple — he grills some kind of meat, I make some kind of salad, and that’s all we have. When we first started cooking for each other a few years ago I did the standard salads; iceberg lettuce, ranch, cheddar cheese. Then I learned that he’s into more adventurous salads, so I’ve had to step up my game!

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Mark Bittman so when I fell into a salad rut I decided to consult How To Cook Everything. His recipe for balsamic strawberries with arugula seemed so easy, I had to try it.

Unfortunately, the only arugula at the store came in a massive bag, as in enough to feed 15 people, and cost $12, so I won’t be able to try the real recipe unless I can find arugula at the farmer’s market this Friday. I picked up some baby romaine instead.

I followed the strawberry recipe, but I didn’t measure the amounts. It was basically one large container of berries (minus three or four I sacrificed to Matt because I didn’t feel like chopping anymore), a tablespoon of balsamic, and a few shakes of pepper, followed by a glug of olive oil once I mixed in the romaine.

The last step was adding goat cheese, which put the whole thing over the top. Matt said it tasted like dessert as much as it tasted like salad!

I tried it again a few days later, this time using local blueberries and adding some maple syrup to the balsamic mix, and honey roasted pecans in with the goat cheese.

So good. I highly recommend picking up some berries and goat cheese today.

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