I love comments from readers! Please feel free to engage with me and others, and share your thoughts using the comment section. If you’re a first-time commenter your comments will go into moderation but I’ll publish them if they aren’t:

  • Spam — I hate spam! If you’re a vendor of some sort and you have a relevant link I won’t stop you, but please don’t use Northern Exposure as your marketplace.
  • Hateful — everyone has an opinion and that’s okay, but I won’t allow anything overtly offensive, or anything that is a personal attack on myself or other commenters. Racism, sexism, and anything else along those lines is not okay.
  • An obvious attempt to get people to click on your blog — please don’t make the majority of your comment links to your own website. Anything with more than two links is held in moderation automatically.

I’m okay with a reasonable amount of profanity, I’m okay with viewpoints that differ from my own, and I reserve the right to moderate each comment based on its own merit, and to change this policy at any time without notice.

If you have left a note and you don’t see it appear and you’re wondering why, please get in touch and I’ll help sort it out. If you have commented in the past and been approved, your comments will post without moderation.

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