Comfortable Style: LuLaRoe Julia Dress

I’m not a fancy person. Like, not even kind of a fancy person. I actively avoid shoes with heels; I don’t do shapewear; my version of ironing is putting something in the dryer for a few minutes to try to get most of the wrinkles out. Comfort and ease is my preference, especially the older I get! Luckily my job is one that allows me to be mostly casual, wardrobe-wise, so I don’t often worry about things like blazers and pressed shirts.

Being pregnant has made me want to focus on comfort even more. I’m carrying differently, this being my second child, and honestly, pants are uncomfortable at this point. I need full panel if I want them to stay up, but then the panel droops, and I’m constantly yanking on the waistband (that is nowhere near my waist). While I have shied away from dresses in the last year or two, they’re actually becoming more of a mainstay in my pregnancy wardrobe — one piece, easy on. When I’m not in dresses, I’m in leggings and a tunic or longer top. My black-shirt-and-jeans closet is giving way to something a bit brighter, softer, and stretchier, and I can’t complain!

A lot of my friends got hooked on LuLaRoe earlier this year, but it seemed complicated to me — to buy LLR, you order directly through a consultant, who posts their inventory online (usually through Facebook). The inventory each seller gets is different, so if you see something you like you need to snatch it up ASAP, basically, before someone else gets it! When I became pregnant this spring I knew I needed clothes that would work better for my body, so I tentatively dipped a toe into the LLR world… and now, like I said, I’m in leggings, stretchy dresses, and comfortable shirts nearly every day!

Bonus for me, a lot of those friends who started buying LLR have turned into consultants themselves! Ali is one of them (you can visit her at LuLaRoe Ali Pousha) and she kindly sent me a couple of dresses to highlight just how awesome this brand is. Observe, 25 weeks pregnant mama, tired, with a cold and battling eye germs, still feeling put-together thanks to this Julia dress:


The Julia is essentially a long, soft t-shirt. I love how easily it works for people of all sizes — I’m 5’11”, halfway through pregnancy, and it fits me just as well as it’ll fit when I’m postpartum, and just as well as it fits shorter and even taller women! This is the second Julia I’ve tried, and the first one was a favourite even before I got pregnant. It’s one of the pieces that always gets compliments, too.


Lots of stretch, awesome over a baby belly, and incredibly soft to the touch — and, instead of funneling money into maternity wear that will be donated or consigned in a few months, I’ve got something that’ll stay in my closet for a long time to come. I also love how versatile it is — I can wear it over leggings or tights when it gets colder, and I’ve seen people fold/bunch these into shirts or shorter tunics for warmer weather.

One of the reasons I initially shied away from LLR was all of the crazy patterns I was seeing. It turns out that LLR clothes run a huge range from bright and trendy to more classic pieces like this Julia, and even solid-coloured items. I have been branching into brighter leggings, but they fit so well and are so cozy that I feel confident wearing something more attention-getting than my former basic uniform.

If you’ve never tried LLR, I encourage you to check it out — it’s seriously amazing how flattering these pieces are on women of all shapes and sizes! You can visit LuLaRoe Ali Pousha to see what Ali has in stock and what sales are upcoming, and also check out her Instagram feed, @lularoealipousha, to check out styling tips and more.

Next up, I’ve got another classic LLR piece to review!

While Ali provided me with this dress in exchange for a review, I can vouch for her as an awesome, responsive consultant, because I’ve nabbed things from her store — she’s fast, great at answering questions, and everything I’ve received from her has been in great shape.

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