Comfortable Style: LuLaRoe Amelia Dress

I’ve shared why I love LuLaRoe clothing — now I want to share another piece! I’ve admired the Amelia dress on friends, and been tempted by a lot of the patterns available, but was worried about how it’d fit my body. I’m tall, and I definitely have hips, even when I’m not pregnant. The Amelia is more of a fit and flare style than the straight-down Julia, which made me nervous. But when my friend Ali from  LuLaRoe Ali Pousha offered to send me one, I figured it was a good time to try it out — and I’m glad I did.


My reaction pulling this out of the envelope was OMG that is so soft. I expect LLR clothes to be soft, yes, but this Amelia is like holding a cloud, no exaggeration. I was actually shocked by how nice it felt! I picked a sort of brocade-embroidered pattern, so the white part is raised off of the darker background. It feels like a really high quality fabric.


I put it on, and Matt said something to the effect of ooooooooooh. Vote number one for Amelia! While he was proclaiming his love for it I checked it out in the mirror — yes, it its more of an attention-grabber to the lower body, but it doesn’t cling, so it’s actually more flattering than I expected. The flare part of the dress drapes down, so it’s nearly impossible to tell if the shape is the dress, or the wearer’s body. I actually think it’ll be great for dressing up during that postpartum lumpy stage. In the meantime, it’s pretty adorable with a baby belly, and has lots of room for expansion.

It’s a bit more dressy than I’d normally wear, but as you can see, it’s easy to dress down with something like boots, and I think if I threw on a longer cardigan or a jean jacket it’d dress down, while heels and jewelry would elevate it into something a bit more formal.


But I saved the best for last. IT HAS POCKETS. Pockets! And actually legitimate pockets that could hold an iPhone or a bank card or a little pack of Kleenex or that random rock your toddler handed you. Functional pockets, not those terrible women’s jeans pockets we all know and hate.

I’m really excited that Ali hooked me up with this Amelia, and it’s definitely going to be a staple in my wardrobe. If you want to try one for yourself, or check out other LLR pieces, you can visit LuLaRoe Ali Pousha to see what she has in stock and what sales are upcoming, and also check out her Instagram feed, @lularoealipousha, to check out styling tips and more.

While Ali provided me with this dress in exchange for a review, I can vouch for her as an awesome, responsive consultant, because I’ve nabbed things from her store — she’s fast, great at answering questions, and everything I’ve received from her has been in great shape.

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