The Day the Lake Froze Clear

Airplanes are taxiing on the lake in front of our house again, after a month or so of silence. While they were on floats through summer and fall, they’re now landing and taking off with big bouncy wheels. As soon as the first plane took off, people gravitated to the lake, knowing if it was frozen enough for a plane it was frozen enough for feet.

Here’s the crazy thing. The water froze rather gradually and there’s been a lack of precipitation compared to recent years. That means the ice on the lake is clear with no snow on top, so those with skates can use the whole entire lake as a rink. We watched people skate straight across town. Others were playing hockey in the middle of the ice. It’s not the kind of year, so far, where you have to carefully create a mini-rink on the ice in front of your house. It’s amazing, and apparently, it’s pretty rare.

We went out for a walk in our boots as we’re skateless.

The patterns on the ice were really neat. You could see all the cracks from different stages of freeze-up.

The people who did have skates were, like I said, all over the place. Every part of the lake had someone on it and everyone was so happy and thrilled to be experiencing this unique opportunity.

I told Matt to ‘act manly.’ This is what he did:

Along with the strangeness of the clear ice, the low water levels this year meant some interesting things were revealed on the lake. I have no idea what this thing is, but Matt figured it was some sort of warning light.

There was also a buoy half-in and half-out of the water, which some people were using as a post for an invisible hockey net.

We stayed out for a few hours until my hands and feet started to get uncomfortably cold.

Before we headed home Matt insisted on a photo together. It took me forever to set up the camera sans tripod but I think it worked out, minus our extremely cold legs.

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