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Choice Cuts – May 18

First up, sorry for the radio silence — my dad is in town, we’re on a double-production week at work, and I haven’t been feeling very awesome over the past few days. Now…

Throughout the course of a week, I usually run across so many interesting articles, recipes, photos and other internet flotsam and jetsam. I’ve decided to share a few of my favourite finds, every Friday.

‘Time and Punishment’ now Canada’s Way“Just when you think this government’s criminal justice policies, which have been almost universally denounced by experts in the field, can’t get worse, they do.”

The Doctor Puppet “The Hudson River was a little smelly but I still enjoyed myself. Along the shore I found what I assumed to be an alien egg pod, but my companion informed me that it was merely a water caltrop. It actually is an alien though because it was introduced to North America only recently. I really can relate to that spiky little thing.”

Nadir and Me “And there he was, the CEO of Rogers, stuck in his chair with no obvious avenue for escape, forced to listen to one of his customers’ complaints. I tried not to laugh. I toyed with the notion that hell might contain a special room reserved for cable executives, done up in late-’70s decor and filled with disgruntled customers.”

How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet “This is the story of Flickr. And how Yahoo bought it and murdered it and screwed itself out of relevance along the way.”

Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is “So, the challenge: how to get across the ideas bound up in the word “privilege,” in a way that your average straight white man will get, without freaking out about it? Being a white guy who likes women, here’s how I would do it.”

Movement “I am not static, no more than the large glass window that lights the breakfast table. Day by day I am learning to mold myself to a world that does not welcome me.”

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