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Sample Killah: Report #2

This was a slow sample killing week. It occurred to me a few days ago that nearly all of my samples are wrinkle creams, so I guess I need to start slathering that stuff on every night! The remaining things are also more pamper-worthy products – masks, nail wraps, hair treatments that require blow drying afterward… it sounds like I need to have a spa day over the weekend!


  • 7 samples killed in Week Two
  • Is it weird that I haven’t really noticed any kind of difference with my skin and hair, despite using all of these new products?

Blogging about Books: The Artist’s Way (Checking In)


I started out strong with reading this year, but I haven’t posted a book review in a while — that’s because I’m a dabbling through about three different reference/non-fiction books, which are pretty dry. I would love to read something fluffy and share it with you, and I’m hoping to do that soon!

This isn’t going to be like my usual Blogging about Books posts, though, namely because I am only partway through The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron [that’s an affiliate link]. It’s not that I can’t read it as quickly as I normally read —