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Reverb15: Transformation

You wake up and the light through the window seems different, the air carries a chill or maybe a hint of warmer days.

What has changed? You? The world?

It can be a change that happened this past year or one you’re looking toward in the time ahead. It can be a broad sweep obvious to all or a more subtle shift that only you know about.

Tell us about transformation.

I’m hoping for overall transformation in the coming year — a shift into a lighter,

Reverb15: Shake it Off

What are you going to shake off with fierceness before you enter the new year?

I honestly feel very much like an old dog who cannot or will not learn new tricks. This is the year that I have decided to call a spade a spade (so many metaphors) and not resolve to do ANYTHING in 2016 because I know full well that I will get busy or bored or sad or distracted, leave it incomplete, and have a feeling of failure for the rest of the year. I know me. I like to make grandiose plans but when it comes down to it,

Reverb15: The Alchemy of Fear

Can you think of an instance in the past year where you have been successful at making fear useful?

What fears do you hold about the year ahead? And how could you use the energy of those fears in a different way?

When I think about 2015, fear is one of the emotions that colours my world. I felt fear a lot this year, and strongly. More often than not it could be boiled down to fear of the unknown, fear of the future, fear of what would or could happen next (or would or could not happen next).

Reverb15: Of Atoms and Stories

What stories touched you this year? Which stories of your own are you glad you shared?

My answers to these questions will be very matter-of-fact, which is a nice change from stretching my brain into various corners! I’m a voracious reader of news and stories and perspectives and words. It’s part of my job, but it’s also what I do to keep connected to the world around me. I believe we all, as global citizens, especially those of us who have the privilege of access to stories, owe it to ourselves and to everyone else to be as informed as possible.

Reverb15: Secret Ingredient

What if you had to give someone a recipe for how to make a YOU? What major ingredients would be required? What method would you recommend? How would your je ne sais quoi be recreated?


  • one mortal being
  • eight heaping cups of hope, divided
  • one cup calm, one cup panic at 1:1 ratio
  • one tablespoon stubbornness (from bottle labeled “It’s called determination, seriously”)
  • two cups of bravery
  • sprinkles to garnish


  • Carefully select mortal being from available stock.

Reverb15: Alchemy & Serendipity

While alchemy is the active process of creating something of value, serendipity is the passive path to finding an unexpected treasure. Looking back through 2015, what did you diligently try to create? What great thing did you just happen to find?

This year I tried to create a full, happy life. I think that’s the goal of every year — this year was no different. Some of the things I tried at, failed, while others succeeded. I tried to create good, healthy meals for my family; I tried to create warm and welcoming spaces;