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Polar Vortex, Schmolar Schmortex

If there’s one thing I’ll can happily talk about all day long, it’s the weather. I don’t know if it’s a holdover from working so many jobs that required interacting with the public and thus dealing with weather-related small talk all day long, or if it’s some kind of intrinsic Canadian thing, but it’s a frequent conversational topic. And now with everyone I know being stuck with some kind of weather woes, it’s even more frequent!

First off — I am one of those people who thinks that if you live in a cold climate where winter comes every year and is cold and snowy,

Merry, Merry

For a few years now, Matt and I have been pining for a ‘just us’ Christmas (tree pun somewhat intended). It’s always hectic and crazy between all of our family members and obligations and we really wanted to experience what it would be like to enjoy the holiday completely on our own terms. A one-month old baby is a pretty good excuse for that, so this year, we finally had our quiet Christmas.

I won’t lie; on Christmas Eve I was feeling gloomy and regretful. Matt had to work that day and was zonked by the time he got home,

Reverb13: Alchemy

The phrase “It takes a village” is often bandied about, in reference to child-rearing, running a business, just about everything. But if you’re anything like me, you may not be a natural born collaborator.

In 2014, how could you explore what community means to you?

I am so excited to join my community in a new way, in the new year — it’s something I’ve been looking forward to since I found out I was pregnant. That might sound weird, so let me explain.

In my pre-maternity leave days, I worked as a reporter.

Four Years

I wonder when I’ll stop counting my years here and move onto the vague, “I think it’s been six years or so?” statement of most transplants I know. I’m still keeping track this year — it’s my fourth anniversary. Four years ago I started my job, met Matt, and began life here, which is funny because I ended up starting my maternity leave just shy of that exact four year date.

I’m already at the point where I think I’m not marveling about it anymore — no more “I was going to stay for one year and wow,

In Flight

Most people go to the airport at least an hour before their flight departs, struggle to find parking, hoist all of their luggage through x-ray machines, hoist themselves through x-ray machines, take off their shoes, take off their belts — me, I always get the secondary wand because I beep no matter what, and my stuff is always swabbed for explosives for some reason — then haphazardly put all of their gear back together in order to be whisked off by a conveyer belt, to go drink overpriced coffee in front of a window overlooking an expansive runway.

The Littlest Things

Back toward the beginning of summer, Matt was out mowing our lawn when one of our neighbours asked him if he could help her start her lawnmower, while he was down near her yard. He got it going, then realized that although she’s a pretty sprightly retiree, the self-propelled mower was practically dragging her along the grass. He ended up trading lawn mowing duties for the ability to keep our boat at their dock, which wasn’t far away from our house at all.

Gradually he started spending huge chunks of time down there. Her husband took a real liking to Matt,