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Review: Live Clean Baby Colloidal Oatmeal Eczema Cream

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It’s amazing how becoming a parent changes the framework of your whole life. It’s obvious in big ways, like building nurseries and taking maternity leave and adjusting your budget, but parenthood also works into the small bits of your life. It touches everything, and you might not realize it until you find yourself telling your husband, yeah, I haven’t actually showered in three days but I went out anyway because we needed groceries and instead of being disgusted he’s like, wow, I’m actually kind of impressed.

Being a parent has nudged out a lot of conversational topics and replaced them with things I wouldn’t have even thought about pre-kid,

Review: Live Clean Spa Therapy

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Baths are one of my favourite treats. I’ve always loved them, even as a kid — it took forever to transition me to showering. These days I shower for cleanliness but try to treat myself to a bath at least once a week. There’s something about soaking in hot water, with the bathroom door shut and a few less thoughts bouncing around in my head, that soothes my soul.

When I get an opportunity to have a bath I jump on it! Matt is great about letting me re-calibrate with a warm soak when the timing lines up.

Review: Live Clean Kids Line

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My daughter loves dirt. Actually, she loves being outside, so maybe dirt is just a byproduct, but I’ve seen that kid bury herself in garden dirt, roll around in sand, and otherwise fully immerse herself in all that nature has to offer. Her latest thing is stomping on forest tent caterpillars while yelling “MORE SQUISH!”

That being said, daily bath time is now non-negotiable in this household, for the most part. Even if she’s stayed relatively clean she’s often coated in bug spray and sunscreen. As we move away from baby activities into toddler activities, we’re also moving on to toddler bath products! 

Review: Live Clean Coconut Products

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It’s mid-May and it is snowing. Seriously — I woke up this morning to see a thin layer of white flakes that actually stuck to the ground for more than a few minutes. Last week we were gardening in shorts and t-shirts, this week we’re bundling up with extra sweaters and wondering if we’ll ever be able to turn off the heat. Thanks to Live Clean, I’ve at least been able to pretend that it’s summertime.

In the middle of winter in February, I tried out Live Clean’s coconut milk shampoo and conditioner,

Review: Live Clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

I love coconut. I can’t resist it — coconut in chocolate, coconut in cookies, coconut milk, coconut scents… I could eat, drink, and smell coconut all day long without getting sick of it, and that’s not something I could say about many things! When I opened up my mail and saw Live Clean Coconut Milk Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, naturally, I was psyched. Does it surprise you that Matt saw it in the bathroom and yelled to me, when I was in the kitchen, “HEY! IT’S COCONUT! YOU’RE GONNA LOVE THIS!”

LiveCleanCoconutMilk (1)

So, first of all —

Vanity Sizing is Enraging

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These days, when I go to a mall, I feel incredibly anti-social and crowded, quickly. I used to go to the mall for fun, but now it’s kind of torturous, especially with a kid in tow! Maybe if I had a whole day with no time constraints or responsibilities, shopping would be fun, but I appreciate the quiet solitude of online shopping now that I live five hours away from any decent shopping mall.

can handle standalone stores like Old Navy or Winners or Target. Not the Gap, though — still too small, too many people standing in my way,