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Online Canadian Children’s Consignment (2016 Version)

Back when M was a fetus I posted about finding children’s consignment clothes online. The world of online consignment has certainly expanded since then, particularly in the USA, and there are a few more Canadian options now, too. Unfortunately, my favourite (Perfect Threads) shut down quite some time ago, but I’ve managed to keep M in a lot of inexpensive consignment clothing over the years, and now that I have to ditch all my beautiful baby girl clothes and go shopping for a boy, I’m looking in an all-new section!

My reasons for shopping consignment haven’t changed much —

M at 2.5 Years

This kid is already two and a half! If you ask her she’ll tell you she’s six, though. Or “a little adult.” When I look back, it’s impressive how much she’s already changed since age two.


I don’t think she’s cracked 30 pounds, yet. She’s creeped up a few pounds, based on the random scale-stepping she does at home, but she can still fit into even 18-24 month clothes so I think we’re nearing the leveling-out stage.


The most I can really get away with is Boo,

Growing Up: Cloth Diapers and Breastfeeding

I know my topics are all over the place, here. Part of my do what you’re gonna do and be yourself idea for 2016 includes blogging about whatever strikes my fancy on whatever schedule/non-schedule is feasible. So we’re jumping into some parenting stuff!

M seems to be growing up so very fast. She is definitely a little girl now, not a baby. Part of our transition into toddlerhood was also a transition to the town daycare, where disposable diapers are used for diaper-wearing kids. We provide our own, as well as wipes. We moved her there from a home daycare that accommodated our cloth diapering,

Want, Need, Wear, Read: Two Years Old

We followed the Want, Need, Wear, Read format for Christmas gifts for M last year, along with a big Santa gift, and it worked well to curb the must buy everything feelings that creep in when I see good deals and fun toys she would love. With several grandparents and other family members who love to buy gifts for little ones — and who doesn’t? — our smaller gift selections typically turn out to be just a small chunk of what M actually gets to open. I accidentally went nuts with smaller Santa gifts after visiting IKEA so she ended up with a lot of stuff to unwrap —

Reverb15: Lady Luna

When was the last time you stopped to look up at the moon? What did she have to say to you?

This prompt was one that elicited “… huh?” from me at first. But as usual, some of my best lessons come from my tiny two-year-old teacher. I thought about it — when was the last time I even noticed the moon? The answer came to me surprisingly quickly. It was a hectic Monday morning, as they usually are, one of those days where everything felt like it was being fast-forwarded more rapidly than I could keep up with.

A ‘Frozen’ Toddler Birthday

About a month ago, maybe two, M saw Frozen for the first time and immediately fell in love with Olaf the snowman. We had been loosely planning a luau-themed birthday for her because I couldn’t think of anything she really enjoyed enough to turn into a birthday theme, but all that went out the window when her new-found Frozen obsession came to town. I quickly changed gears and started planning a Frozen toddler birthday that was less princess-heavy than most of what I’d seen online (because she doesn’t really care about Anna and Elsa!).