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[BLOOM] Books to Read in 2017

I had a decent run of reading books in the early part of 2016 — I had my library card set up, my e-reader going, my wishlist set up — but then I lost my Kobo charger, couldn’t find it, got busy, and gave up. I know that’s a ridiculous reason to quit reading for most of the year, but as soon as the Kobo died in spring I just couldn’t be bothered to put forth the effort. I think I set too lofty a goal, to be honest.

This year, I’m hoping to spend some of my ‘dead time’

Bloom in 2017

I know the idea of choosing one word as an intention for the year ahead is kind of trendy right now, but in my experience, it’s a concept that works! I did the same last year, choosing soar. I picked that word because I wanted to do more than rise, and I also wanted to remember how birds soar naturally – without fear or without wondering if they actually know how.

This year, my word is bloom.

Why bloom, for 2017? I feel like I am ready to put the hard parts of the last two years firmly behind me.

2016 Year in Review

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I always feel like I can’t fully move onto the next year until I go through what happened the year prior — to look over all the ups and downs and remind myself of where I was at the start, and how it ended. I realize I’m a few days late on this, but one thing I’m already accepting this year is the fact that speed is not currently on my side. πŸ˜‰


We started the year with an open invitation for friends to join us at our house for a bonfire and burgers,

2016 – A Reflection

Last year when midnight rang in I was angry. I remember sitting in bed, staring out the window to the streetlight outside, feeling nothing but bitter. 2015 hit me with all that it had. In trying to make sense of that year, I found a quote that said, β€œSome years are questions, and some years are answers.” 2015 threw all kinds of questions and challenges at me – will I be able to get out from under this darkness, will things become stable, will our family ever grow? I desperately hoped that 2016 would be a year of answers.

So what was 2016,

Christmas Tree 2016

Christmas really rolled up on us this year — between prepping for A’s early arrival, and him actually being here, it’s been chaotic. Matt’s coworker graciously picked up our tree for us, because the sale took place while we were away in Winnipeg in the hospital, and it took us a week to actually touch base to get it to our house. Then it sat for a good day and a half before Matt found the time to dig out some of the Christmas boxes from our disastrous basement.

M and I finally decorated it, following that loose rainbow theme I’d set out to achieve before I knew we’d be juggling a baby during tree time,

A Rainbow Christmas Tree

One of the things I mull over every year is the colour scheme for our Christmas tree. Ever since we bought our house and started getting farmed trees instead of hacking one down in the bush, I’ve enjoyed creating something ridiculously colour-coordinated and Martha Stewart-y. You can see how our trees have evolved since our first one in 2012 (top left) to the crazy newborn adventure in 2013 (top right) to the pink theme in 2014 (bottom left) and last year’s reprisal of pink, with some blue/teal and black for an accidental Frozen theme (bottom right).

Christmas Trees

So this year I was experiencing my usual Christmas ornament shopping delight,