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[BLOOM] Keeping Motivated & Accountable

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One of my issues with goal-setting is that I make goals and then promptly forget about them until it’s time to review. I’ve learned that I need repetition and structure — and reminders — to keep things going properly. This year I really do want to have an awesome 365 days, and so, I’ve set up a few ways to keep motivated and accountable with my goals and intentions.

#1 – You can check out everything I’ve compiled, photographed, written, etc. on this subject, on a page right here on the blog. It’s also on my top menu for future reference.

[BLOOM] Relationship & Social Goals

Maternity leave, in winter in Northwestern Ontario, can be a bit isolating. Oh, I know, it’s hard for everyone to get out of the house and do stuff in the early days, but I sit here with extreme cold warnings popping up from my weather app, I watch the snow pile up in the driveway, and I rue the fact that we aren’t in a big city with a mall or an aquarium or some other kind of climate controlled meeting place where it’s acceptable to bring a screaming kid (because my kid is, currently, a screamer).

I know it gets easier when January passes and the worst of the frigid cold is over,

[BLOOM] Health and Wellbeing Goals

In this case, ‘health and wellbeing’ is not code for ‘lose weight in the new year.’ I know that the postpartum body is a body that has been through a lot — and is still going through a lot — and so I’m trying to not worry about my weight or my shape a whole lot. That’s somewhat easy given that I barely have time to exist, let alone literally navel-gaze, but I do want to feel healthy this year.

A lot of it has to do with full family health and wellbeing. I want to support my husband as he aims to get back to a more active lifestyle,

[BLOOM] Travel and Adventure Goals

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When I was on leave with M we were able to make a summer trip down to southern Ontario [How We Spent our Summer Vacation: Part OneHow We Spent our Summer Vacation: Part TwoHow We Spent our Summer Vacation: Part Three] and we’re hoping to do it again this year. Matt calls it the tour de bebe. 

That’s our largest travel and adventure goal for 2017 — with me off work, and him with more vacation time, plus M likely being out of preschool,

[BLOOM] Renovation and Home Goals

Decluttering and organizing are a big part of my plans for 2017, but I have a few more home goals, too. Our house has been a work in progress since we bought it, and I’m not expecting to get it all done anytime soon — there’s just too much on the list — but I’d like to finish some things off, and make it a generally more comfortable, accessible space.

Finish the Bathroom

We’ve stalled out at the electrical stage — Matt moved onto finishing the third bedroom, thankfully (because we just got it done —

[BLOOM] Decluttering Our Home

So I’ve been reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I’m extremely eager to get started decluttering my own home. Before A was born we did some frantic rushing around the house and the result was transferring all of the junk in our storage room turned master bedroom to the basement. It is like a box maze down there — when my mom and her partner were here, Eric literally coughed and a pile of cardboard toppled down. Add in an overstuffed, small master bedroom closet, eighty million preschooler toys that doubled between a birthday and Christmas,