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Black, Gold, & Rainbow Nursery Inspiration

When I first started thinking of nursery designs I was 100% positive we were having a girl, and was loosely planning a rainbow theme (for a rainbow baby!). Then I found out this kiddo is a boy, and had to do some more thinking. My initial attempts at pulling together an inspiration board were a little bit on the ‘girly’ side, I found, after I shared them with friends for their reactions. I still wanted to do the rainbow theme but found I had to temper it a bit more for the right effect.

The things with the red asterisks in the below image are the things I don’t have yet,

The Home Renovation Domino Effect

As I mentioned earlier, our bathroom renovation is slowly moving along. The major structural stuff is done, and it will hopefully come together quickly with wiring, interior drywall/mudding/sanding, and tile. I don’t mind doing the priming and painting, so long as we get to that stage before I’m gigantic! I kind of feel like I did when we first moved into this house and I was pregnant with M — I want to get stuff done so that I can get all of the boxes and bins put away.

We’ve had bathroom stuff hanging out in random places for way too long,

Lazy Garden

This is year three of spring at our house — the snow has been gone for a few weeks now, but I have done nothing to any of the gardens. I haven’t made any seed orders, nor started seedlings, and the front garden is only raked because Matt did it. I’m not burning out — I’m sick right now, which is making things challenging — but I think I’m dialing back.


I plan to use all of the space we have claimed and reclaimed for gardening, and I want to rehabilitate more of it this year,

REVIEW: Live Clean Holiday Liquid Hand Soaps

How about a break from the deeper/weirder stuff and a foray into the best parts of the holidays, instead? December came flying up out of nowhere this year. All of a sudden it was the start of the month and then we were out of town and then there were staff parties being scheduled and Santa brunches and tree decorating… the holidays are here!

I’ve been checking off Christmas to-dos as a result: bought and decorated tree, bought most of the presents, ordered cards, purchased stamps, made a cookie-making wishlist… One day I’d love to have my entire house decorated —

Harvest 2015: Carrots

Last year I totally failed at growing carrots. I sowed them, but didn’t thin them, and they were baby carrots to begin with so what came out of the ground was very, very stunted. Turns out carrots need room to expand!


This year I went for full-sized, purple carrots, and I thinned them out once they started to grow. I probably could have thinned them a bit further — some of the ones I pull are shorter than others, and you can see I managed to grow one of those weird twisted ones in the photo above,

Harvest 2015: Beans

Ah, beans. If all else fails, I can grow beans.


I tried pole beans this year along with planting the rest of my Contender bush beans from last year, as well as a few rows of Tendergreen bush beans. The bush beans went insane, spilling over my basil and generally being ridiculously unruly. Next year, I will give them a bit more space, as the ones on the edges started to mould in a few places, tangled up in too much greenery. Of course, our weeks of rain didn’t help that much —