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[BLOOM] Renovation and Home Goals

Decluttering and organizing are a big part of my plans for 2017, but I have a few more home goals, too. Our house has been a work in progress since we bought it, and I’m not expecting to get it all done anytime soon — there’s just too much on the list — but I’d like to finish some things off, and make it a generally more comfortable, accessible space.

Finish the Bathroom

We’ve stalled out at the electrical stage — Matt moved onto finishing the third bedroom, thankfully (because we just got it done —

[BLOOM] Decluttering Our Home

So I’ve been reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and I’m extremely eager to get started decluttering my own home. Before A was born we did some frantic rushing around the house and the result was transferring all of the junk in our storage room turned master bedroom to the basement. It is like a box maze down there — when my mom and her partner were here, Eric literally coughed and a pile of cardboard toppled down. Add in an overstuffed, small master bedroom closet, eighty million preschooler toys that doubled between a birthday and Christmas,

A’s Starry Nursery

I had to seriously scramble to get this nursery as together as I did, and it still isn’t quite done but it’s close — mostly, we need to do a bit of touch up paint on the walls, get M to paint the canvas over A’s dresser, wash the cloth diapers and bring up that bin, and do some drawer organization. So far, though, we’re just using this room as a hangout spot at night, so I’m content with it not being 100 per cent done (and am impressed and how done it got given that I was hanging stuff on the walls days before we left for Winnipeg!).

A Rainbow Christmas Tree

One of the things I mull over every year is the colour scheme for our Christmas tree. Ever since we bought our house and started getting farmed trees instead of hacking one down in the bush, I’ve enjoyed creating something ridiculously colour-coordinated and Martha Stewart-y. You can see how our trees have evolved since our first one in 2012 (top left) to the crazy newborn adventure in 2013 (top right) to the pink theme in 2014 (bottom left) and last year’s reprisal of pink, with some blue/teal and black for an accidental Frozen theme (bottom right).

Christmas Trees

So this year I was experiencing my usual Christmas ornament shopping delight,

Master Bedroom: We’re Almost There!

Allow me to trot out these horrible photos once again — this was the room dubbed ‘The Scary Room’ when we bought this house in 2013:

Office Collage

Originally destined to become an office, it sat so long as an unused/storage room that it’s now becoming our master bedroom thanks to our growing family and our desire for, eventually, a larger bed. It is going to be so weird to actually use this room.

As a quick rundown, here’s what has happened in this new master bedroom thus far:

  • Matt reconfigured a bit of framing and drywalled the affected walls —

Master Bedroom Renovation Update

So. Last we left off (I think) I was panicking about home renovations and every single thing seems to hinge on some other thing getting done. I don’t think I mentioned it here, but shortly after that we decided we’d focus our efforts (I say that like I’m involved) on the master bedroom — because once it’s done we can move out of our current room, M and her stuff can move in, and the nursery will be free for its own decoration and organization. And Matt can get back to the bathroom and other winterizing duties while I handle the bedrooms,