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Review: Live Clean Baby Perfume-Free Products

Things are busy at our house these days. With Matt starting a new job, and transitioning into shift work, and M back in daycare, we’ve been all over the place in terms of routine and organization. I’m about to take over bath time duty some of the time (it used to be solely Matt’s domain) so this shipment of Live Clean Baby Perfume Free Baby Lotion and Perfume Free Tearless Shampoo & Wash sort of felt like a well-timed Hey everyone, don’t worry, new things can be fun to try gift.

Live Clean Perfume Free (2)

Making a Litterless Lunch

In many ways, I’m really grateful to have flexible work hours. It means working evenings and weekends, sometimes, but it also means I typically come into work mid-morning three out of five workdays a week unless I have something scheduled. This is to facilitate family breakfast time and getting a few things done around the house before I head in — and it usually means I work through lunch instead of coming home.

Our lunch routine may change when Matt goes back to work but for now, I work straight through to avoid messing up naptime by dropping in at home.

Review: The 30 Day Shred

It’s a long weekend here — Family Day is today! I’ve had a fun-filled few days so far but wanted to take some time out to keep up with my regular blogging schedule. In honour of the fact that I still managed to work out on schedule despite it being a holiday, I thought I’d share my review of The 30 Day Shred. Yeah, I’ve been willingly subjecting myself to Jillian Michaels-based torture for the last month…


I don’t do well with gym workouts. Actually, to be honest I’ve never tried a gym workout —

Useful Apps: YOU

I’ve mostly stopped incessantly downloading iPhone apps, mostly because I have the iPhone with the smallest memory available and despite the fact that I store most of my photos elsewhere, it’s somehow always on the cusp of not enough memory. I made an exception to my download embargo when a friend pointed me toward YOU.

This app is connected to Jamie Oliver, who isn’t really an inspiring presence in my life or anything, but he’s a recognizable name. It’s sort of like an inspirational Instagram. The whole idea is to capture ‘micro-actions’ — essentially, photo prompts that have something to do with health and wellness.

Navigating Winter Worry

Last night we had a frost warning in effect, and based on our indoor/outdoor thermometer’s stored readings, that warning was needed. I picked all of the largest, green tomatoes off of the plants yesterday, snagged our tiny crop of mini bell peppers, and waved goodbye to everything else on my way back inside. Matt went out before bed and brought in all of the container plants, then covered up my cucumbers with a sheet. Winter is coming.

Fall doesn’t seem to last long, here, which is a shame because it used to be my favourite season. Back to school!

Meal Planning with Cook Smarts

Two weeks ago we had two dinnertime meltdowns in a row. And I don’t mean meltdowns from the baby — she’s more than happy to sit in her highchair and attempt to stick food in her mouth. Nope, it was the grownups of the house. Matt gets home around 5-ish, most evenings. M’s bedtime routine starts at 7:00. Matt wants to hang out after work. I desperately want to eat (because more often than not I’m skipping lunch due to zero time + zero groceries). It was just not working.

I wanted to meal plan. I knew having a set list of food for the week would let us grocery shop in a more organized,