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[BLOOM] Health and Wellbeing Goals

In this case, ‘health and wellbeing’ is not code for ‘lose weight in the new year.’ I know that the postpartum body is a body that has been through a lot — and is still going through a lot — and so I’m trying to not worry about my weight or my shape a whole lot. That’s somewhat easy given that I barely have time to exist, let alone literally navel-gaze, but I do want to feel healthy this year.

A lot of it has to do with full family health and wellbeing. I want to support my husband as he aims to get back to a more active lifestyle,

Whole 30: I Quit

Let’s get it out of the way — I quit the Whole30 halfway through Day 17. This is what I wrote, that day:

In all honesty… I kind of hate the Whole30. I’ve yet to experience any of the awesome benefits touted by others. No ‘tiger blood’, no clear skin, no better sleep, no giant burst of energy. I am mostly somewhat hungry all the time and grumpy a lot. I’m struggling with intense sugar cravings, and it doesn’t take a lot for me to get hangry. I’ve yet to get through a day on three meals and can’t kick snacking.

The Whole30

The whole what now? The Whole30, labelled as such because it’s an eating plan to follow for thirty days. Several of my friends have accomplished this goal, but I kept putting it off. When we returned from our vacation I decided it was time — a mostly-empty fridge at home, no longer-term houseguests on the horizon, no big events upcoming, done by Halloween. Sold! I had been trying to get Matt to follow along with me but ultimately decided to go it alone rather than force it on him.

If you’re on the Whole30 you are not eating dairy,

Review: The Cloud Yoga Mat

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’ve been doing yoga. Slowly, and in a mostly unbalanced manner, but yoga nonetheless. For the longest time, any floor exercises I’ve done have been with the aid of a mat that my husband got me a few years ago — it was decent at the time, if not a bit thin, but at this point it’s literally falling apart in small pieces.

I started the hunt for a yoga mat, and gave Matt my wishlist — “Thick, and longer than a standard mat, heavy enough to keep itself down on the ground without moving,

Resolution Check-in: Month #5

Ah, May. I used to love when spring rolled around in May — now that I live further up north May sometimes heralds spring but it also heralds more snow than I’d like. It’s still one of my favourite months, though, and I feel like our May was a good one!

Less useless screen time.

We had house guests for half the month so that helped cut down on screen time a lot! I’m coming to accept that with emails, work, etc., I will be tied to my phone a bit,

Resolution Check-in: Month #4

Let’s try this again, yeah? To cut to the point, I am still working on my 2014 resolutions, though some are going better than others. I honestly don’t really feel like I’m making a huge amount of progress in general, which leaves me wondering if resolutions really are made to be broken. The status quo is just so easy to keep!

Less useless screen time.

I need to reinstate a few personal rules (no phones at the table). We have family coming up for a chunk of this month and I would like to be fully present,