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REVIEW: SOMA Roasted White Chocolate & SOMA Seville Orange Peel

I love Soma. None of their chocolates have disappointed me yet (wasn’t a huge fan of the balsamic vinegar truffle I tried, but I could still tell it was well-made!). I brought a lot of bars back from my Toronto trip and have been slowly delving into them.

SOMA Roasted White Chocolate

This bar caught my eye in the store — I’ve never heard of, or tried, roasted white chocolate before! I’m usually not a huge white chocolate fan, but I figured a classy chocolatemaker like SOMA would have a good product.

SomaToastedWhite (2)

The bar is basic white chocolate, 

REVIEW: Theo My Cherry Baby & Theo Lemon

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Chocolate… I’ve been eating it still, don’t worry. I had to stop for awhile during my first trimester because it made me feel sick(er), and I’ve slowed down my consumption even now for similar reasons. I have a huge stockpile of chocolate bars in my cupboard (what a terrible problem to have, I know) and am slowly working my way through when the mood strikes. Which is usually the moments in which I’m thinking man, I could really use a glass of wine right now. I don’t know what I’m gonna do if I get a gestational diabetes diagnosis!

Toronto Trip

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A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with a group of friends I had never met before, in Toronto, for a long weekend getaway. Because I was travelling domestically I didn’t have the awkwardness of telling the border guard that I was going to meet my internet friends, but about halfway through my five hour drive to Thunder Bay I kind of caught myself like, what the heck am I doing?! Luckily, they are not axe murderers.

I’m all about food so a big highlight of the trip was, of course, food. Any time I’m out of my teeny town I love to eat,

REVIEW: Theo Bread & Chocolate

I was pysched to get this in the mail (and yes, fellow addicts, those are LLR leggings in the background; I really wanted to eat this chocolate bar and grabbed the first fun-patterned thing I could find so I could snap these pictures and get to munching). I’ve been intrigued by this particular flavour since I discovered it, because really, carbs and chocolate seem like a wonderful combination.

TheoBread (1)

Theo describes this one as “A twist on the traditional pain au chocolat. We blend buttery toasted bread crumbs into our dark chocolate with just a hint of sea salt.” 

REVIEW: Theo PB&J Bark

A friend hooked me up with a few offerings from Theo, straight out of Seattle — now that I can finally stomach chocolate again I’ve jumped right in and the next several chocolate reviews are a Theo-palooza, starting with my new favourite.

This is the Theo PB&J bark, which, as far as I know, you can’t get anywhere other than the factory. Just look at this picture:


I usually try to keep a bit of what I sample aside, because I’m not the only one in my family who likes chocolate. In this case…

Food Quirks (or: It Took Me 20+ Years to Like Nutella)

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I had a BLT for lunch, which got me thinking about all of the ‘normal’ foods it took me forever to eat and/or enjoy. I’m infamous in my family for being one of those kids who only ate chicken fingers, and that picky eating continued for quite some time. I have historically not been very brave about various textures and tastes of food, though I’ve gotten much better in my journey to adulthood. There’s not much I’m not willing to try, now, but if we look back on my history of food quirks…


Poutine –