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REVIEW: Raaka Mint & Nibs Bar

I’ve been hanging onto this bar for awhile, waiting until the mood struck me (I… have a lot of chocolate). I’m a fan of chocolate and mint together but I have to admit I like that artificial mint Oreo kind of flavour. Real mint? Ehhh. This bar is definitely of the real mint variety, with peppermint leaves, coconut, and Congolese cacao.

Raaka Mint Nibs (1)

I wasn’t expecting that overwhelming fake mint-y flavour, and I didn’t get it! Instead, this bar is actually quite subtle. Like some of the other more natural bars I’ve tried, there is an earthy flavour to this one,

A Prime Rib Thanksgiving Feast

Matt decided that this is the year he’d come out as a full-fledged turkey hater. Dude will eat turkey on sandwiches and in soup and the like, if he must, but he’s very sick of big turkey dinners. Thanksgiving snuck up on us and we knew we’d have a small crowd (just the three of us!) so making a huge turkey feast wasn’t exactly logical, anyway.

I suggested a few things — ham, a roast chicken — and we landed on a prime rib roast. I’ve never made prime rib before, and expected we’d only find something small pre-cut in our grocery store without ordering ahead.

REVIEW: ChocoSol Vanilla Sea Salt Bar

ChocoSol’s products are “good for mind, body and soil!” You’re looking at whole ingredients, responsibly sourced, made with traditional methods in mind.

The vanilla sea salt bar is made with raw vanilla pods, sea salt, stone ground roasted cacao nibs, cacao butter, and raw organic cane sugar. That’s it, that’s all. No strange, unpronounceable ingredients here! I was expecting a different experience than your average grocery store chocolate bar, and that’s what I got.

ChocoSol Sea Salt (1)

I found this bar had an interesting earthy taste — knowing what I knew about the company,

REVIEW: Hammond’s Whoopie Pie Bar

I broke into this bar when I was having a bad day — I just wanted something sweet, without any sophisticated ingredients I’d feel compelled to explore and enjoy. I don’t think you can get more sweet and simple than a whoopie pie. Hammond’s describes this bar as having a “thick dark chocolate shell stuffed with sweet cream filling,” all of which is true. You get what’s advertised with this pick!

Hammonds Whoopie Pie 2

I found it had a bit of an artificial taste but again, this isn’t exactly the fanciest virgin chocolate of all time. It wasn’t a turn-off flavour,

REVIEW: SOMA Strawberry Black Pepper Bar

Ahhh, SOMA. You can do me no wrong.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a big fan of fruit and chocolate together, and clearly strawberries and chocolate are a well loved combination. SOMA kicked that beloved partnership up with a bit of black pepper, which intrigued me — one of my favourite summer dishes a few years ago was strawberries roasted with balsamic and pepper!

Soma Strawberry (2)

I was expecting a little sweet, a little spice, and of course, delicious smooth SOMA chocolate. What happened in my mouth, though, was salt. Lots and lots of salt.

REVIEW: Hammond’s Devil’s Food Donut

Hammond’s has some weird flavours! This bar seems to be pretty straightforward, though — dark chocolate and a ‘sinfully sweet cake filling.’ Chocolate chocolate chocolate.

HammondsDevilsFood (1)

So, the chocolate itself is not as high quality as some other bars I’ve tried, but that’s the difference between chocolate bar price points, obviously! It’s still good chocolate, it’s just not SOMA-level. 😉 The main thing I noticed was that it had a bit of a chalkier texture than the smooth texture of other brands.

There’s a lot of filling in this bar, so if you’re a fan of filled chocolate bars,