Capture Your Grief

October is Pregnancy, Infant and Child Loss Awareness Month, and this year I’ve decided to follow along with the Capture Your Grief project as best I can. This season feels a bit heavy to me — last year it was our entry into several heartbreaking months, and this year it’s marking another transition, into the last stretch of time before we welcome this rainbow baby home.

Storytelling and sharing has been part of my own healing since the start, so I like the format of this project, although as always, this kind of thing does leave me feeling a bit vulnerable. It’s good to see all of the various perspectives of loss and grief, even the ones that break my heart — I think it’s important to talk about pregnancy and infant loss, as a society, to give women and men the license they need to work through what is often a hidden sadness.


I jumped into this project without actually reading the full details of the prompts (as outlined in the link to the project, above) — so I’ll be adjusting slightly as I go on, to meet the prompts and the format. You can see what I’m posting on Instagram if you’d like.

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