Camping Out

Apparently FIFA women’s soccer is in Winnipeg throughout the entirety of June, something we learned yesterday while attempting to book a hotel room. We have free coupons for one particular hotel, and need to head to the city to take the car into the dealer. But yesterday when we called, there was only one room available for one of the two nights we needed — and while we talked about it, it booked up in five minutes. The person at the hotel told us about FIFA, and when I went to check Expedia, literally every other room in every other hotel in the city was booked. Well, that’s not true — there was one left, at $245/night. No thanks.

But we had our car appointment booked, and our time off is limited in June… so we’re camping. There’s a KOA campground west of Winnipeg for $25/night in a tent space. Have I mentioned I’m not a huge fan of camping? And that we’ve never taken M camping before, and she’ll be camping with us after a five-hour ride in the car which usually makes her pretty squirrely?


Winnipeg KOA

It’s going to be interesting, that’s for sure. Two nights in a tent that we have yet to purchase, and the grounds are still under repair from flooding. I was happy to see that there’s a coffee shop on-site, and there are showers (because if there weren’t I don’t think I’d be going). My chief complaint with our previous camping experience has been a lack of preparedness — we end up cold, sometimes wet, and don’t get a lot of sleep.

So this time we’ve got some lead time, and we’re planning. We need to buy a tent because ours is too small. We need to sort out a menu so we aren’t just eating roasted hot dogs (Matt says bacon and steak and beans — I vote for some kind of vegetable, too). M has a camp chair, and we have the requisite tarps and stuff.

I’m trying to look on the bright side — it could be really fun! There’s a pool, and a park, and kids love camping. M loves campfires already, and we’ll be out of the bustle of the city (aside from all of the in-city things we need to do). It’s right on the Assiniboine River, and if nothing else, it’s cheaper than a hotel room.

I’m desperately hoping it will not rain, though. I’m consoling myself with thoughts of food trucks and shopping.

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