[BLOOM] Renovation and Home Goals

Decluttering and organizing are a big part of my plans for 2017, but I have a few more home goals, too. Our house has been a work in progress since we bought it, and I’m not expecting to get it all done anytime soon — there’s just too much on the list — but I’d like to finish some things off, and make it a generally more comfortable, accessible space.

Finish the Bathroom

We’ve stalled out at the electrical stage — Matt moved onto finishing the third bedroom, thankfully (because we just got it done — or close to done — before A arrived). Now that we aren’t rushing before our kid is born, the bathroom should be next on the priority list. However, now that said kid is here, time is limited. I’m 99 per cent sure we’re bringing in a contractor to do the electric, for time, and safety reasons. Hopefully the rest of it will be manageable, and hopefully it gets done this year!

Finish the Bedrooms

All of our bedrooms are now usable, they just need some trimming and detail work. That means refinished floors, all around — hopefully getting done this year — as well as:

Master Bedroom

  • install light fixture
  • caulk and fill/paint the moulding
  • finish setting up the closet
  • buy nightstands


  • touch-up paint from all of the nicks and scratches on the wall
  • fix the broken baseboard moulding
  • peel the stupid glue spots off of the ceiling

M’s Room

  • plank the ceiling (maybe not this year)
  • add crown moulding (again, maybe not this year — depends on how things go with the ceiling!)
  • add wall art and other personal details

If this doesn’t all get done I won’t be surprised or upset, but it’s nice to dream!

Take Back the Basement

Our basement is horrid right now, full of boxes and junk. We need to seriously declutter and create better storage. Then, I’d like to make it a true multipurpose, family oriented space. We need space for guests to stay comfortably, space for kids to play, space to store our own items, space for writing/creativity/computer stuff, and to better utilize the kitchen and bath areas. I’d like to paint the walls, bring in a sleeper couch or futon or something that can turn into a bed, set up a real computer/office area, and get the toys in check.

Matt also wants to make this an area of the house that can be used to turn a profit, AirBnB-style, if we want to do so, so if that’s the end goal, it also needs to be a space that can be easily stripped of valuables/personal items, which should be an interesting challenge!

There are lots of other things on my goal list, as usual — in my dream world we’d get the front yard fenced and work more on the backyard, get the hallway walls drywalled and painted, and make the kitchen even kind of less ugly. But I know that our house is one of those houses that sucks more time and money than expected, with every project, and even the initial list is probably not all going to get done in 2017. Still, the overarching goal here is to make any kind of progress, and hopefully end next year with a home that’s closer to complete.

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