[BLOOM] Keeping Motivated & Accountable

One of my issues with goal-setting is that I make goals and then promptly forget about them until it’s time to review. I’ve learned that I need repetition and structure — and reminders — to keep things going properly. This year I really do want to have an awesome 365 days, and so, I’ve set up a few ways to keep motivated and accountable with my goals and intentions.

#1 – You can check out everything I’ve compiled, photographed, written, etc. on this subject, on a page right here on the blog. It’s also on my top menu for future reference. I don’t expect anyone to look at this other than me, but hey, it’s an option. 😉

#2 – This is mentioned and linked on that page, but I’m hashtagging any images connected with my theme for the year with #mywordisbloom on that platform.

#3 – I have a set of whiteboard decals I plan to put up somewhere in the house, so we can track our family goals. I’m thinking a seasonal ‘bucket list’ of sorts would be fun! We also went through our hopes, goals, and intentions for the year and I wrote it all down in a document, but having it in front of our faces is more likely to bring success.

#4 – I’m using two books that have been interesting, and useful, so far:

The 52 Lists Project is a weekly journal that is comprised of, obviously, 52 different lists that all have a goal of making you think about your life positively. I’m on week three and it’s a fun way to stretch my brain and dig into the best parts of my life.

The Five Minute Journal (Chapters link because the price on Amazon Canada is nuts) is a daily journal intended to give structure to evaluating your day, morning and night, and thus evaluating and making a difference in your overall life. I’ve tried gratitude journalling before and failed, but I like how this one is set up in a way that really requires habit-forming for change.

With that said — back to regularly scheduled programming! I’m hoping to blog more this year, about whatever comes to mind. So, I’ll see you soon!

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