[BLOOM] Health and Wellbeing Goals

In this case, ‘health and wellbeing’ is not code for ‘lose weight in the new year.’ I know that the postpartum body is a body that has been through a lot — and is still going through a lot — and so I’m trying to not worry about my weight or my shape a whole lot. That’s somewhat easy given that I barely have time to exist, let alone literally navel-gaze, but I do want to feel healthy this year.

A lot of it has to do with full family health and wellbeing. I want to support my husband as he aims to get back to a more active lifestyle, and I think that would benefit all of us (remember that goal to get outside more?). I want to make health and wellbeing a family activity and a family goal rather than each one of us trying to attain our own ideal.


That’s goal number one. I am going to clean out our kitchen(s) as part of my decluttering goal, and hopefully all of the junk and snacks will not regenerate. I need to get back into cooking at home more, and making decent meals rather than scrambling at the last minute or ordering take-out, but I’m recognizing that it’s going to be a process given that most days I can hardly feed myself both breakfast and lunch!


This year, we’ll be teaching another baby about food, how to eat, and what tastes good, and it seems like as good a time as any to refocus our attitudes about food. We eat a lot of treats in this house, and while I am definitely someone who appreciates a glass of wine and a cupcake, I think we all need to get behind the idea that rewards and pick-me-ups don’t always have to be food.


Yoga. Tea. Writing. Reading. Putting down the phone. Sometimes, just taking a moment to breathe. Self-care is coming in snippets these days, and doesn’t happen every day, and that’s part of this season of life, but we can’t let it slide completely. Ideally, better physical health and better mental health will go hand-in-hand, but it has to start somewhere. This month, I’m taking a moment to brew a cup of tea every day, relishing it while I drink it, and trying to clear my mind while I do so.


We can all be more active, whether it’s with organized activities — Matt is thinking about baseball again this summer — or simple things like walks or going to the playground. It’s hard to envision it in the dead of winter, when going outside (or even going in the car) freezes our faces off, but there’s always indoor dance parties, right?

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