Beauty Resolutions

Hi! I disappeared again. My baby stopped sleeping at night so I started drinking a lot of coffee and then our lactation consultant pointed out that the caffeine was probably keeping her up, so I spent last week super tired with just one coffee a day and a desperate hope that M would go back to her magical sleeping through the night status.

I’m a little more well-rested now and Matt’s mom is in town, and right now is my very first time with the house to myself without the baby as a result! (I’m drafting this Saturday afternoon.) So I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on some blogging, but it did feel kind of nice to unplug, albeit accidentally, for the better part of a week.

Other things I had time for today: trying out a beauty challenge. My sister is running this really cool giveaway series on her blog. Every week she’s putting out a beauty challenge and all those who take part are eligible for prizes! I think I’d try the challenges regardless of prizes because getting myself ready in the morning used to be a big self-care thing, and now I’m sort of down to a basic ‘brush my teeth and hope I can fix my bangs at some point during the day’ routine. If I leave the house I try to put on powder and blush, but that’s about it. I miss taking some extra time to feel pretty.

So! I really wanted to try out her challenges to make that extra time for myself, even if it’s just once a week. The first challenge was trying a new eyeliner look. I’m generally awful with eyeliner so I knew I wouldn’t be doing anything fancy — my new look is just me, wearing eyeliner for the first time since November.

Eyeliner! And a tiny floating cat, if you look to the left side of the photo. I’m certainly no beauty guru. I slapped this on and then realized it looked silly and rubbed at it with my fingers until it blended in a bit better. It’s probably gonna be sliding down my face in a matter of hours. But I had an extra five minutes to myself while the baby was in very capable hands, and I appreciated those five minutes very much.

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  1. Thanks so much for taking such an active role in this series, I love that you’re getting something out of it! 🙂

    I used a pencil liner for the first time in ages. It felt so foreign, but hey…gotta break away from the norm!

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