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Beach day

We’ve been stuck in a weird weather pattern lately, in which it rains like mad on weekdays and then gets nice over the weekends. I suppose that’s better than all rain, all the time, but I think this is shaping up to be one of those Ontario summers I’ve managed to miss out on over the past few years (the last two summers have been toasty, and the rainy ones before that, I was out of province).

I’ve been itching to get out in the sun! More specifically, I hadn’t yet been to the beach this year and I really, really wanted to go. I finally got my chance last Sunday, when we went out to our favourite beach with Jesse and Ashley.

Everyone was enthralled by this bright orange mushroom Matt found. It looked like something out of a fairy tale.

It never ceases to amaze me when we get out to this beach and we’re the only people there. I was worried that it was too cold to be out attempting to have a beach day, but after lying down in the sun for a few minutes I was gloriously warm. It wasn’t perfect — Matt’s thinking about bringing a rake next time to clean up because there are branches and debris everywhere — but we were all by ourselves, in the sunlight.

After a few hours of baking in the heat (I ended up sunburned despite applying and reapplying sunscreen), and a not-so-rousing game of Frisbee with the world’s cheapest disc, we rounded out the day with a tiny fire on the beach, complete with hot dogs. We made sure it was thoroughly out, then hit the road back home.

Are you a beach person? Where is your favourite beach?

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