Bannock Burgers

Bannock burgers are an amazing thing. There is a woman who makes them at home and travels through town to different workplaces selling them, and she always goes to where Matt works. He buys two and we meet up for lunch.

Bannock burger

Bannock burger

A close relative to the bannock burger is the bannock dog, a hot dog or smokie wrapped in bannock dough like a corn dog. Delicious, but slightly more greasy.

Though bannock is a staple of the north, it apparently actually originated in Scotland. Also known as frybread, it’s made by combining flour, baking powder and water, kneading, and frying in fat, oil or shortening, or baking it in an oven. You can add all sorts of mix-ins to the dough — we have an annual bannock baking competition in town and I’ve seen everything from classic blueberry to strawberries and brie.

I can’t give you a tested-and-true bannock recipe because I’ve never attempted to make it, but here’s one that claims to be an authentic Cree bread. Give it a try!

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