Baby Boy Style

Dressing a baby boy is a lot of fun. I admit to looking longingly at some of the pretty dresses and hair bows out there, especially because M dresses herself now and she’s not into that kind of thing at all anymore, but “boy clothes” can be really fun too! We have always shopped in both sections and our kids wear items from each, for what it’s worth.

A is usually in little old man clothes, or bright and graphic colours and prints. I think we dressed M similarly as a baby; either in fussier, frillier little girl clothes, or fun punchy outfits, so it makes sense that we’re doing the same with A. The vast majority of what we have for him is consignment, or purchased used from friends (because they have awesome style). It gives us a wider variety of clothing brands and types, and makes me feel better about the insanity of buying a wardrobe for a rapidly growing baby.

Here are some of my favourite outfits A has worn in his first three months!

Sweater vest baby! The pants and vest are Carters, both used. My mom bought the nautical socks!

Lobstah sweater one-piece, purchased as a consignment piece (it’s Baby Gap). It’ll be heading in the mail to a New Englander friend this week!

I love reusing M’s old stuff — those pants were hers, and they’re Baby Gap. The shirt is used from a friend, and I believe it’s Peek.

Our friends are also keeping us in supply of tie onesies. I love them. The sweater and pants are hand me downs from M, and both Carters (I much prefer putting him in girl’s leggings — they fit better). Matt called this his British look.

And finally, a recent fave. A button down shirt, Joe Fresh, on consignment, and red pants from Baby Gap!

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